This is my very first blog, not my first reflection, but the first publication on the web of my thoughts and reflections so it may not seem “bloggy”.

I have struggled with the desire to start blogging for a while but one of the great books included in the conference package during the Social Venture Network conference in San Diego in October was The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging, which was a boost to my desire to blog. I finally decided two weeks ago after I almost witnessed a murder close to one of our client’s locations in an area of Montreal called Little Burgundy, known as “The Bronx of Montreal” where I happened to be at the time, with two of our associates. It is one thing to hear gunshots but it is another thing to hear gunshots and step out to see that a human being who was alive a few minutes before, has just been terminated, and is lying in a pool of blood, right next to your car. It is hard to hear the gunshots that extinguished the life of a fellow human and go on as though nothing happened. I know this may be unimpressive as a first blog but it is the reality in the world I live and everything I do, everything I am happens and exists against such stark realities. It is like being given a canvas to paint on, already stained with blood and every available canvas is blood-stained. I can respond by painting in a way that hides the blood stains, I can respond by revealing the blood stains or I can respond by helping to heal the wounds responsible for the blood stains. Whatever I do, I respond. The blood is crying and it is hard to ignore.

The murder experience stopped me in my tracks and brought to the surface, thoughts that may be beneficial if shared.

I am an entrepreneur, my company, Zenith Cleaners provides property services, but that is only an avenue through which I express who I am. I am unconditionally loved by God and my aim is not market dominance but to express unconditional love within my sphere of control and influence. It is an aim since I daily need unconditional love because I fail and make mistakes but I think nothing else matters and nothing has any real significance if love is not the beginning and the end.

Seven years ago, my younger brother, Gbenga Ilesanmi, passed away while he was visiting with me in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and that experience stopped me in my tracks. After that experience I decided that nothing else matters to me more than to sincerely love those within my sphere (Ibironke my wife, Oluwatofunmi my daughter, my parents, brothers and sisters and everyone that I interact with daily).

I know questions will arise concerning how striving to love can co-exist with excellence, profits, high standards. I can immediately say that it does co-exist because it exists in me. I am also studying other people, one of whom is Jesus Christ, who is love personified and yet whose standards are divine.

Yesterday, while waiting in a client’s building, the St Peter’s Anglican Church in Montreal’s Town of Mount Royal, I picked up the book, “What is so amazing about grace“, by Philip Yancey. I immediately purchased the book to read on my iPhone, partly because I saw this scandalous statement “There is nothing we can do to make God love us more. There is nothing we can do to make God love us less.” I thought how different my world would it be if my attitude to everyone, whoever, was “There is nothing you can do to make me love you more. There is nothing you can do to make me love you less”?

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2 thoughts on “Motivations

  1. "…striving to love can co-exist with excellence, profits, high standards."An aspiration I strive towards. Thank God He pushed you out to hiding to start this blog, an inspiring and phenomenal musing.

  2. MOH, thank you for posting a comment on my very first post. Thank you for being an encouragement to me.God is excellent, just check his works and ideas. He is highly profitable – only someone who knows how to generate profits can turn an earth that was without form and void into what we see today, which still generates profits after millenia of decadence! His standards are not only high, they are impossible.I strive towards it too, only with His help, by yielding to the updraft.

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