As a human being created in God’s image and likeness, I am a highly intelligent being, capable of doing wonders and choosing my own way. But despite my potency, I need a functional GPS device, just like a hiker in the wilderness or a driver going to a certain destination uses a GPS, to choose which direction to follow and which not to follow, to know where they are relative to where they are going and to retrace their steps.

I was designed, created and introduced into this world without my consent, on a journey from the cradle, for a purpose with eternal implications. I need a compass. I need something that shows which direction is true North as I make my way from birth to eternity. Part of my experience is deciding what my guide will be, what I will depend on for meaning, for direction, for instruction, for correction, for understanding.

Going only by what I see, I shortchange myself and it is inconsistent with what I instinctively know to be true. I need and seek to be guided by something that transcends the physical, because I am not just physical but spirit. We are also not just spiritual, we are spirits and we transcend time and space. We each have a conscience that if functioning perfectly can indicate to us when we are going off course. We have an internal device that knows more than our heads. Being guided only by what is observable therefore imprisons us. Without a map of some sort and a way to locate where they are, a hiker quickly gets lost if all they have to guide them is what they see around them.

My GPS is internal, not external. It is spiritual, in my heart not in my head. My head is where intelligence resides but wisdom resides in my heart. My GPS is in my heart and the software for my GPS is the Bible. I don’t choose the GPS – it was designed into me, but I choose the software I load into it. The GPS with a wrong software may be worse than no GPS. For my software, I have chosen the Bible, not in the sense of a physical book but in the sense of the container of truth, words of truth and map of the territory. The software I chose, among other things, indicates who to take a faulty GPS to, for maintenance, repair or renewal in addition to indicating which roads to avoid, where to refuel, etc. This software claims to be the software from the manufacturer and I have chosen to believe its claims.

Spending time, travelling on this journey, following this path I have never followed, doing my life, without consulting my GPS or using the wrong map, throws me into a sort of tailspin until I go back and consult the guide or use the right map. Without this guide, life is like groping in the dark, it is meaningless. I get lost very quickly because it is all like a maze – there are too many paths, too many options. Which do I follow? What do I choose? Where is the way to go? What is the truth? Too many options seem right and it is impossible to know if they lead astray. But with my functional GPS, the paths even have names and descriptions, I can zoom in and out for a bird’s eye view of the whole terrain. I can locate myself and confidently take the best route to my destination.

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