My sacred place

I have a temple I retire to, a place I retreat to from time to time. It is my sacred place that is meant to be accessible to no other human but God Almighty and myself. It is that temple that King David loves to enter into, to receive understanding, to receive forgiveness, to become awash and be immersed in God’s goodness and mercy. That place of refreshing that the heart longs for as deers pant for waterbrooks.

It is not a geographic location, so I can retreat there 24/7, wherever I am. It is a spiritual space. It is the temple made without hands, where God Almighty dwells, in the heart of the redeemed. It is my sacred place. My desire is to retreat into that place several times daily as I need refreshing, wisdom, guidance, forgiveness and grace all the time.

My sacred place is the wellspring of my life. Everything I think, say or do originates from there. Everything that I create, everything that I cause to happen, for good or bad, originates from my sacred place. It is my personal altar or shrine, the very core of my life. I believe God created that space to be occupied only by himself, so that only the most high is worshipped and enthroned there.

I must guard my sacred place above everything else that I guard because everything about my life is determined there. A contaminated altar is a contaminated life. A polluted heart results in a polluted life, affecting not just me but everyone I touch. If anything other than what is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, praiseworthy and virtuous is allowed to take root in my heart, my life gets polluted, my work gets polluted and I pollute my environment not in a physical sense but in a much more deadly, spiritual way. Afterall, Jesus Christ said the things that corrupt do not originate from outside us but from within.

Because I have a tendency towards a polluted heart, to think impure thoughts and like King David in the Bible, to act selfishly for short term gratification, I need to guard this sacred place with all diligence, and above all that I guard.

I do not need to watch my words and actions as much as I need to vigilantly guard my heart, my sacred place. Guarding my heart and keeping everything out but God and what is divine, has implications and promise for my life and that of my family, my colleagues, partners and my society. It has implications and promise for the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the reason I was born, the purpose I am living and dying for. It has implications and it has promise for now and for eternity. I will guard and protect my sacred place, diligently. So help me God.

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