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Several months ago, while having a conversation with a friend and client about staffing challenges, she mentioned the idea of “need to earn.” We talked about how people who have a need to earn tend to be better, more responsible, loyal employees, who are driven to be diligent. Since then I have tried to incorporate “need to earn” in hiring decisions, which is important in an environment like Canada, that systematically encourages non-employment.

Recently, I thought of “need to grow”, which implies an individual’s need to be more than they presently are. It drives one to do unusual things because it becomes an issue of “woe is me if I stay as I am for the next 24 hours.” You realize your need to grow when you see a huge gap between where you are and your potential or your calling. Your need to grow keeps and drives you through the straits, the temptations and even the falls and defeats, towards destiny.

As a boy, Jesus’ “need to grow” differed from his playmates’ because He must have had a sense of the significance of His calling. His need to grow kept Him in the Temple with the teachers of the law asking and answering questions at twelve years old. In order to fulfill His earthly mission, He needed to develop Himself from babyhood to one who could say, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father” and prove it. He needed to be able to offer His life on the altar of sacrifice for humanity, and take it back. He had a need to grow so He spent 30 years preparing for 3+ years of ministry.

If Christ is a figure to admire and worship only, then I can stay here. But if He invites and expects me to follow Him and be like Him and even do greater things than He did, then my way is far, very far. Some friends are concerned that I wake up for the day around midnight, reading, studying, meditating, speaking, writing. Wouldn’t you if you were called to follow Christ and you realize you have spent more time admiring from a distance than following?

I am very far from my potential and I sense a pull towards a pivotal calling, creating an intense need to diligently read, study, meditate, pray and wake up a great while before dawn. This leads to and originates from unspeakable joy that makes one eager to put knowledge to work today and to wake up early tomorrow, glad to live in these very exciting times.

We do not all have the same need to grow, partly because we have varying understanding of the times and seasons, our potential, our weaknesses, the nature of our calling and the intensity of opposition to its fulfillment.

How is your “need to grow”?

4 thoughts on “Need to grow

  1. "Without a vision the people cast of restraint". Without the pull of the future ,as Jim Rohn used to say, we'd just never be driven to discipline ourselves.I guess this is why the Bible records that "for the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross"Like you rightly pointed out, without that sense of purpose we wont be motivated to grow.

  2. Thanks upwardliving, for summarizing my post. There is no reason to wake up to tomorrow, no reason to withstand temptation, no reason to delay gratification without a sense of purpose. I am reminded of something Abraham Lincoln once said as a very young man, "I will study and prepare myself, one day, my time will come." It would be very hard to study and prepare oneself without a strong reason. What more to study and train for than living life in God's dimension?

  3. Tolu, I took time out over the last couple of months to do just that. I could no longer ignore the sound in my spirit. We are all born with a purpose and we will not find joy and peace until we fulfill that call. There are many layers to our calling. Saying yes to the call is just the beginning. God doesnt give us the entire picture all at once but reveal in parts. I am now embarking on another stage of my calling; moving to the next chapter of my life. I have to grow, you have to grow. We are not created to be stagnant, we are created to subdue the earth. It is an ongoing discovery hence why we must continue to grow to the fullest extend of our potential.

  4. Thanks Buky. I see so great a need to grow considering that we are called to follow Christ. The gap between here and Christ is far, very far. I am glad you also recognize that need and are responding to it. I am doing the same too and even taking time off before the end of the year to be completely alone for a few days, in order to accelerate my growth and prepare for the coming year and the next phase of my life. We all need it.

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