Needless ado about needful things

We spend years, we spend money, we set up organizations, engaging millions of people in numerous activities to do what we were meant to do only with words. We have whole industries set up to do what one word can do. We have non-profit organizations addressing societal issues like hunger, HIV/AIDS, when just one word from the right source can resolve those issues without all the contraptions we setup and the “human”, natural and financial capital we squander.

Without a Creator, billions of years and zillions of processes and transactions would have been needed to put the ecosystems and their constituents in place. Instead, in just 6 days of speaking, the Creator achieved it all using what He gave each believer – His word and His Spirit.

We have a multi-trillion dollar global healthcare industry for example. Yet, Paul a prisoner en route to Rome, spontaneously healed every sick person on the Island of Malta where they were forced to spend the winter. I like to think of what did not happen. How much NGO personnel and funds, medical school years, insurance companies, lawyers, and support industries were not needed? If more of us truly followed Christ, our world would be much leaner, less complicated, less dead, more fecund.

As I tap into the spirit of scriptures, reason prompts me to believe Jesus’ words, “Come unto me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and I will give you rest.” After all, His results speak eloquently and loudly. When He asked Martha to disengage from needless preparation, He meant not only that there were more important things nor that food was unnecessary, but that there was a sweat-free way to obtain necessities. He proved it by using words to instantly mass-produce loaves and fishes.

As an entrepreneur, I choose to learn the way of Christ, in my quest to be a contribution in the world.

I have since concluded that Christ did not come to start a religion but to bring new life, His kind of life. When this life grows in us, “miracles” become “works”, our efficiency skyrockets. Social change, economic turnaround, environmental restoration talk less of individual transformations, become as easy as speaking the right words. The more I behold Christ, the more I want to sit at His feet, learning how to produce results like Him without needless toil.

12 thoughts on “Needless ado about needful things

  1. Thank you, Tolu. I have been thinking so much about how all we need is God’s Word and His Spirit. When those 2 are combined within us, we become living words. We become the body of Christ. One passage your post reminded me of is this:

    “Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves.”  Psalm 127:1-2

  2. Every poverty program in America has hurt rather than helped the poor. Why? Because godless men just don’t have the right solutions. The poor haven’t learned that yet, because they are also far from God. It is only the Lord Jesus Christ who has any love for the poor and really knows how to help them. 

    • And the godly men who have the right solutions are missing in action or are in hiding. I think the godly men are the ones who are not stepping up to the plate. It is only the Lord Jesus Christ who has the solution and on this earth, those solutions have to come through His body. We are the problem.

  3.  in just 6 days, the Creator achieved it all, using what He’s given us, His Word and His Spirit….wow!
    that statement puts things in perspective.


    •  I said this before… takes more power of God to raise one dead sinner to life than all the power of God in creation.

      •  you know i think it started with this post, but the Lord’s been really telling me for the last couple of weeks to start using His power and words. He clarified it over the weekend by telling me to 1. write out my prayer requests/ supplications, then find scripture concerning them, and pray the scriptures.
        2. very similar to 1, but address any problem i face using His words, i believe in an authoritative,  ‘speak to this mountain’ type of way

        • I am glad this helped. We need not struggle with many of the issues we struggle with if we only knew how to employ and deploy God’s word. When done authoritatively and without any doubt as to the outcome, victory is inevitable.

  4.  Luke 10:38-42, that’s the Scripture reference for the story of Mary and Martha. I am blessed and you’ve just brought out the preaching I heard two days ago, in a whole new way …”that there was a sweat-free way to obtain necessities”.

    If I may, “As a hope agent, I choose to learn the way of Christ, in my quest to be a contribution in the world.”

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