New Ventures in Africa

I have been thinking lately that new ventures in Nigeria and Africa need to be geared towards lifting the working poor from the dunghill. This seems to make sense to me as the way to go for African businesses, not just because I belong to Social Venture Network, where business (or politics) is seen as a powerful agent of positive social and environmental change and not just a way to secure the financial security of oneself and one’s clan.

Our new technologies and products and services should not be only aimed at making the rich more comfortable but improving the quality of life from the ground up.

How can we make sure that the hard working honest man/woman with humble means can afford the basic necessities of life and do so while treading lightly on the earth?

How can we ensure that we provide good food, good housing, good education to those who are not rich, who do not steal but are honest and diligent?

How can we encourage the hardworking average Nigerian not to have to be fraudulent to own a house?

How can we make sure the average honest worker has the necessities of life including (housing, good nutrition, quality health care, quality education, communication, security, basic infrastructure), in a sustainable way?

How can we do it in a socially and environmentally restorative rather than an exploitative manner?

How can we do it in a manner that improves the quality of life for present and future generations?

I honestly think African ventures of the future are socially and environmentally restorative. They are solution multipliers that address inequality, poverty, unemployment, environmental degradation, infrastructural problems while improving overall quality of life, sustainably. We definitely need creative entrepreneurs with such agendas in Nigeria and all across Africa.

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