No apologies

If I am in the world the way I am meant to be in the world, I will be different from everyone else in the world, simply because I am the only one like me in the world. It is tribute to the Creator’s creativity that no two people are alike in this world, even twins, which I happen to be familiar with because I come from a family with two sets of twins.

The moment I insist on being myself, I will stand out from everyone else. I will sound different and will be misunderstood, the moment I choose to speak with my own voice. There is a constant pressure to be anything but who I am, which is very different from everyone else, thanks to God the Creator.

We rob ourselves and the world when we become conformists and live our lives apologizing for being the way we are as though the Creator shortchanged us by making us so different from everyone else.

I will insist on myself, my thoughts, my voice. I will say what I think in the way that I think. I will do what I know in my conscience that I ought to do, not what is ‘acceptable’ to society as what ought to be done. I have only one life, which counts down every second and I will live it fully expressing myself, without apologies to the world for being.

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