No limits

I am a spirit, who should live in the spirit, where there are no limits at all. In the spirit, nothing is impossible. This is God’s realm where all things are possible. This is the realm of the creative, where there are no barriers nor limitations to what can be. In this realm, seeming barriers become material for creating the desired result.

As a business person about to enter new “markets”, I cannot help but think, what is the purpose of market research, market surveys, markets analysis, industry analysis, competition analysis? In the realm of the creative, in the realm of spirit, they are part of “counting the cost”, not necessarily to highlight impossibilities because that is not a word in the spirit. It does not exist. Nothing shall be impossible to those who believe. They shall go where they want, when they want and will do what they want, how they want. All things are possible for them.

I am a spirit and this is my habitat. Nothing can stop me. No matter, no spirit can stop me. Every matter, every spirit aids me and is for me since God is for me.

I do not have a money problem. Money is a physical quantity and a wordly construct, which is controlled spiritually, just like all matter and mind. As a spirit, I determine the flow of money towards or away from me. I am a spirit. Money has no dominion over me. I do not serve it, it serves me. Therefore, the funds I need for my ventures are laid up for me and will come together in due season, sweatlessly. Money does not come by chasing it or being anxious about it – that is how to be controlled by it. It comes by faith and by serving divine purposes – “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I do not have a people problem. I am a spirit, in God’s class and on God’s side. God is for me and therefore everyone is for me, including those who think they are against me. “If God be for us, who can be against us?” I can afford to love everyone and give everyone the freedom to be, knowing that they cannot hurt me even if they try. They will always aid me as long as I am in the spirit. People that I do not know will come across my path or our paths will cross, if their purposes and mine align. I do not have to worry about connecting with the right people; I only have to be in the spirit and I will connect with people that I need to connect with, without fail.

Truly, there are no limitations to one living in the spirit because spirit rules over matter. God is spirit and he created matter and upholds matter. He has also given us information on how to control matter. Faith-filled words or spoken thoughts.

I must never consider anything as an insurmountable barrier because it is true that all things are possible. If all things are possible for me who believes, then there are no barriers. None. This is another way of saying I can have whatever I desire. The spirit realm is the realm of possibility, the creative realm where desired results are created, where things hoped for and things not seen are brought into physical manifestation. In this realm, there is nothing capable of stopping desired results from manifesting. I’m just thinking aloud.

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