Only an illusion

During my 50+ minutes jog this morning, I experienced a stronger urge to quit than I had ever experienced. I even felt the need to go to the bathroom. I felt more tired than I had ever felt and my legs felt heavy so I was really tempted to quit jogging on the way back and just walk the remaining distance home.

But while the temptation was strong, I kept on moving as thoughts criscrossed my mind about stopping. I decided to keep going and I thought I would rather go slower than stop. As the thoughts were bombarding my mind, I also kept drawing lessons.

Keep moving. Even when I’m being tempted to quit and there is every reason to quit, I should keep moving as I process the thoughts. My progress will give me confidence to keep on moving.

Take one step after another. The next step is a very easy one. It is just a step, not the whole race. Finishing may seem near impossible but the next step is easy. Just take the next step and the next.

The need to quit or the thought “I can’t go on” is oftentimes only an illusion. It becomes a reality only if I succumb to the temptation to quit. The need to quit often exists just in my mind. If I do not succumb, it does not become my reality.

At the end of my jog, I discovered I finished earlier than yesterday’s time by several seconds. I concluded that often, “I can’t go on”, and even perceived slow movement are illusions. If I just keep moving and taking the next step and the next, in spite of strong temptations to quit, I may suprisingly finish the race set before me quicker and better than I thought. My illusions do not have to become my reality.

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