Origin of thoughts

This morning, I woke up with this thought on my mind – we do not originate thoughts or ideas. So called original thoughts or ideas do not originate from us. Solutions to pressing problems do not originate from us. We only put ourselves in position to “receive” or “download” them.

I do not think any mind is more capable than any other but some minds are better receptacles for good thoughts than others. We do not generate ideas. We only discover new ideas, new thoughts, new solutions, which are all around us and are part of those “things which are not seen”.

I will be less agitated when I need new solutions, when I am convinced that the answer “is not in me” but in the God in me. I love the thought that I do not have to be more intelligent than I am. I only need to be more in tune with, and believe in the God who indwells me, than I am. The God who is the source of every good thing, including good thoughts.

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