Peace be still

Several weeks ago, while flying from Orlando to Burlington, we were asked to brace for turbulence. I decided I preferred a peaceful flight to a turbulent one so I declared quietly that the flight be peaceful. It ended up being one of my most peaceful flights. The pilot expressed shock when we landed, saying he did not understand how it happened and that anyone who believes in God, should feel free to attribute it to God. Since I believe Jesus’ statement in Mark11:22-23, I attributed it to God.

I was not surprised since I habitually speak to situations that do not seem obedient to words including whether systems, disease and kidnapping situations.

Disaster can happen anytime and technology allows us to know in advance when and where Hurricane Sandy is expected to strike and how much damage it is expected to cause. There are two ways to make use of such information. One way is to take forecasts hook, line and sinker and expect the worst. Another way is to do what Jesus did when he was in a storm with his disciples – address the storm and tell it precisely what to do, rather than waiting for it to happen and then calling it acts of God.

Storms of all kinds never fail to obey people who act like God. The only way to learn to copy Christ is to copy Him. If you fail, try again. Toddlers do not stop trying to walk because they keep falling. If you consider yourself merely human, by all means expect and prepare for the worst.

If your child is showing symptoms of a terrible disease, you do not have to accept what is looming. If you have just been diagnosed with a terminal disease and given 6 months to live, you do not have to accept the diagnosis, you can choose instead to live as long as you desire. Your business does not have to struggle or fail in the downturn.

When you have advance information about a storm or find yourself in one regardless of the cause, your only option is not to just to prepare for and expect the worst. You can tell any storm, “Peace, be still” if you follow Christ and believe that you are a spirit with authority to act like Him.

3 thoughts on “Peace be still

  1. This is such a timely post. There’s too much going on around the world that we fail to realize the authority we have as followers of Christ to proclaim peace and calmness.
    Thank you for the reminder. God bless you.

  2. Such an excellent, excellent reminder. Some may have considered it to be a coincidence that there was peace when you declared. But when your walk is so orchestrated by God and you’re in tune with Him, there are hardly any coincidences. Yes, you declared it and it happened exactly as you said.

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