Please tell me

Please tell me the gospel is a fable, tell me the scriptures are false

Tell me not all things are possible to him that believes

Tell me I ought not to do the works of Christ or greater works than Christ

Tell me I should only seek Christ’s meekness, not his power

Tell me I should neither seek to raise the poor from the dung hill, nor go about doing good and healing all oppressed

Tell me I should not strive to build up the old wastes or the desolations of many generations

Tell me I should follow Christ in my human strength, tell me I ought to address social and economic issues of our days as the MBA that I seem to be rather than the new creation that I am

Tell me that Christ relied on the markets and the world system to meet the economic and social challenges of his days. Tell me he needed the permission of religious or political leaders to address those challenges

Tell me Christ was only bruised for our transgressions, only wounded for our iniquities, He did not receive the punishment that brought us peace nor the stripes that healed us

Tell me I am not a joint heir with Christ, neither do I have joint seating with Him in heavenly places, far above visible and invisible principalities and powers that seem to be

Tell me I do not have the power of attorney to represent Christ on this planet

Tell me human beings are the enemies, not the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. Tell me those spirits were not dethroned by Christ

Tell me the spirit ruler of this present darkness is bigger than the Spirit in me

Tell me I am not God’s image and God’s power is not at my disposal

Tell me some problems are beyond the blood of the Lamb who was slain

Tell me there is nothing spiritual, all we see is all there is

Tell me faith is being unsure of the things we hope for and counting as nonexistent, the things we do not see

Tell me the universe was not created by God’s word and matter originated from matter

Tell me words spoken in faith do not come to pass

Tell me all Christ came to do was start a religion not a new race of Christlike beings

Tell me that in the 21st century, Christ is only to be admired, not to be followed

Tell me I can only start following Christ when I become perfect

Tell me that if I am alone in what I believe, it is false and I should rescind it

Please tell me.

Then I will be at ease, I will be mute. I will stop dreaming, reaching, striving, studying, praying and loving. I will no longer pursue Christlikeness. I will be thoroughly satisfied.

5 thoughts on “Please tell me

  1. Please tell me how you keep coming up with these sort of posts! Lol…seriously though. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is either this faith we practise is real or we had better pack up and give in to the pressures and circumstances tha are constantly bombarding us and distracting us from fixing our eyes on the One who is more real than reality itself. Thanks so much for this bro. Refreshing as always

    • Watchman, this was not a blog post but an expression of righteous indignation at myself for discounting the “One who is more real than reality itself.” I may stop “blogging” soon and just throw caution to the wind in pursuit of Christ, even as I keep blogging. Thanks bro.

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