“Please trust me”

Stepping out of bed this morning, I (subconsciously) expected there would be solid ground beneath my feet. I reckoned that the sun will rise and the sun will set. Time will proceed as it always does and there will be air to breathe. Our whole lives, our systems, our civilization are founded on those constants – solid ground beneath our feet, sunrise and sunset day in day out, and adequate oxygen in the atmosphere. In a sense, we trust in those factors entirely beyond our control but which are indispensable to our earthly existence.

The truth is, God’s Word produced those constants. “He commanded and they stood fast.” If those vital constants were produced by His Word and we all trust them without blinking, why is it so hard to trust the Person whose works we trust? If His works are so reliable that you plan on waking up tomorrow to the light of the sun and move about on solid ground and go to bed after the sun has set, how about the Person behind those phenomena beyond your control? If we are really that smart, how can we trust in the creation and distrust the Creator? We all indirectly trust God like all living things do, but our present and eternal destinies hinge on putting our trust not on his very reliable creation but in His Person, His Word.

According to scriptures, the Person whose word produced everything we reckon as reliable is the same person whose Word says “Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.” If you believe He exists and you do not trust His Word, you will be a person of integrity if you anticipate that the ground beneath your feet will give way any minute, the air you are breathing will not contain enough oxygen, and the sun will fail to rise or set tomorrow. You may need to be checked into an institution but at least you will be acting in consonance with your disbelief. His demands are simple, logical and full of love: “You already trust my works. Therefore, trust me. In me you live, move and have your being. Please trust me.”

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  1. If the ground beneath you is still solid and the sun is still rising and setting and you are still able to breathe in oxygen you did not create, let it be a reminder that God is faithful and His Word can be trusted because, really, right now, you are standing on His Word.

  2. Hello…Tolu your school of life has no graduation…the more I learn the more I need…you are an ocean of hope,The mirror of God…you showed me how to keep the branch of faith in my hand as I'm hanging over a deep valley…

  3. Thank you Doyin. I believe you. I just visited your blog for the first time. Thank you for being a living proof. Thank you for your comment. I am honored.

  4. Thank you for the great post Tolu…It also brought to my spirit that we are also all a constant in God's work and that even though some might not yet see the light that they are still His creation and that we are to practice their presence as well so that they will see the light.

  5. Thank you for your very thought provoking comment Caroline. Hmmmm. Amazing. We are all God's creation including those who do not believe in their Creator. My existence and that of all human beings, including those who do not believe in God, is testament to God's faithfulness. I really like your comment – I do not have to look outside of myself to know that God is reliable, for we are all His handiwork. Reminds me of Apostle Paul's message to the Athenians on Mars Hill. Recognition of the fact that we are God's creation is the beginning of seeing the light and if we really are, it is possible for even those who do not presently know to know. Thank you. I am still thinking about your comment.

  6. I smile at the way you sometimes use mild sarcasm to bring your point home…like that ending part about if one is a person of integrity, then he shouldn't trust the creation if he can't trust God's word, and how he'll need a mental institution :). On a more serious note though, I think the problem with trusting God has to do with the issue of Concrete-ness (for lack of a better word). For instance, I tell my kids "Don't touch that…it's got germs." and they tell me "But mom, I can't see it". That they cannot see it does not disqualify the truth of the prescence of the germs. Grownups, like kids, can trust what they see, what they feel, what they hear…but when it comes to what they cannot immediately lay hold of with their five senses, then it becomes really difficult. But what we don't understand is that the things that are unseen is "Permenent" and the things that we see are temporary. I have a method for wrapping myself into believing what God says: I tell myself that I'd better believe him, or else I make him out to be a liar. And it's an insult to call a grown up a liar, how much more the one who is older than the grown up -The ancient of Days. I tell myself that I had better believe because he sees more than me, just as I see more than my kids. Thank you Tolu for this timeless truth once again. Have a great sunday.

  7. Thank you Bunmi. Sarcasm is great at times. Your comments, as usual, leaves nothing more to be said. I feel like your comment should be an addendum to this post, for you have said what was not said but needed to be said. Seriously, I deeply appreciate your being a blessing to everyone who reads this blog. God bless you Bunmi.

  8. Hmmmmm, again , Bros , you hit the nail on the head,trusting God is such a huge aspect of our life because it is the foundation of our very existence in Him. Lately i have been going through some mind numbing situations that have constantly screamed at me to accept its beliefs but I have wisely run into God and His wonderful arms , I have trusted God with everything that I have , with my joy , my sexuality , my relationships , I mean everything ,and He has even surpassed my expectations. Though I can't see this God, I see His works everyday , He has touched me , straightened the crooked paths of mine , He has seen me lying helplessly in my blood and He has picked me up from the shame that surrounds me.This God, I and my family(man and kids)will serev forever.Thank you bros.p.s: my blackberry subscription is on now so I can be reached anytime.

  9. Thank you Tolulope, my dear name sake. Thank you for sharing. I find that without personal examples like these, we could as well be following some dogma because really, we cannot see God but like you said, we not only see what he did (in Creation and in the past), we see what he does in our individual lives today. It makes you the proof of God's faithfulness and makes you able to say what you said – "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord," not religiously but with understanding. Thank you again. Yes, it will be a pleasure to continue conversations with you offline.

  10. I think that is key, Tolulope. So very well written and the point well made, that: "You already trust my works. Therefore, trust me…" How is it that it is so easy and quick to forget? We get busy and absorbed in our lives, that we quickly grab the reigns and in essence, relinquish trusting Him. All in a matter of seconds. Always a pleasure to read your thoughts and inspirations.

  11. Thanks Ella. Yes, in a matter of seconds we forget. I like that. When the ground beneath us shifts, we ought to realize that permanence belongs only to the Almighty, who is the same yesterday, today and forever. I think that Lara's comments above provide an explanation – we trust the tangible but discount the intangible. The second thought on my provocations page speaks to the same issue. Your blog is a blessing too.

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