Potent love

Jesus lived on this planet as the holiest, most loving man who ever lived, yet he lacked neither wisdom nor power. He gave up His own life but when He needed to provide food for the hungry, heal the sick, raise the dead, walk on water or meet any need in hs community, He was still able to do it with neither strain nor appeals to funders or powerful friends.

Today, love and power seem to be opposites. Why do the most pious or supposedly loving seem to be the most powerless when it comes to personal or societal needs and transformation? We seem to merely have an appearance of love and lack the potency thereof.

Love is not truly love if it is impotent. Christ is boundless Love and has all the power and wisdom to back it up. What is the point of caring if we lack the wisdom and power to carry it out?

Are we truly following Christ, referred to in scriptures as the power and the wisdom of God? Are we truly being guided by the Holy Spirit? The source of love is the source of wisdom and true power. If we are in love, the God-kind of love, we are in omnipotency, where all things are possible. Love is not synonymous with weakness or foolishness.

Perhaps our impotency stems from breezing in and out of faith, of love, of the spirit instead of abiding in the vine as Christ admonished. It is impossible to believe in and follow Christ without obtaining Christ-like results. If we are righteous and caring, we do not have to be impoverished and destitute unless we choose to, like Christ did, the end result of which was far from weak.

4 thoughts on “Potent love

  1. “Love is not truly love if it is impotent. Love is not synonymous with weakness and foolishness.” There is no better way to phrase those two sentences. Love is action. If we have the means to show love, we do not say to someone who desperately asks us for bread, “I will pray for you with the love in my heart.” That’s not love, that’s living a lie. Such a beautiful potent post to start my day. Thank you :)

    • Wow. That made me laugh Jaycee. “I will pray for you with the love in my heart.” You have said something important that I dd not say, love is action. The one who is called Love is also omnipotent, able to do all things, able to meet all needs.

      God bless you for always adding to my knowledge.

  2. “He was still able to do it with neither strain nor appeals to funders or powerful friends.” This statement captured my attention, as Christians we may have a good cause that we are championing for, but doing it in the strain, making appeals and at the end feel helpless. Feel as if, we are powerless. I have understood that it is not love, because it is impotent.

    The very essence of God is love. “Love is power and wisdom, not weakness and foolishness..” These statements remind me of 1Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. and 1 John 4:18 Perfect love casts out fear.

    Do you think Jesus saw the impotency when He looked at the crowds in compassion and said that the harvest is plentiful while the laborers were few, meant that those that would go in Christ’s power and wisdom were few?

    • You have enriched me by this comment. I did not think of those scriptures but this fits perfectly with them. We cannot separate love from ability. It sounds harsh but love is not love if it is impotent, for the mere fact that it is the essence of God.

      And I love your last paragraph. Perhaps Jesus saw our tendency to have a form of godliness and deny the power thereof, making us impotent. He who said we should be gentle as doves also said we should be wise as serpents. He who said we should turn the other cheek also said “nothing shall by any eans hurt you.” The good Samaritan had the wherewithal to take care of the man who fell among robbers on the Jericho road- that is Love.

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