Prison life

We are all born into a prison guarded by an evil lord. In that prison, survival of the fittest is the ruling principle. The weaker you are in prison, the more likelihood of being destroyed and the stronger you are, the more influence and power you have over the others. In prison, you may control resources and other prisoners and even be friends with the lord of the prison but you are still a prisoner.

Our economic systems for example, have the markings of prison life – competition for survival is a prison mindset. Truly free people do not compete or exploit each other, they cooperate and share. Free people do not need to maximize profit; they can multiply it infinitely, at will, just like Jesus did with the five loaves and two fishes. An economic system fuelled by greed suggests that its designers and rulers are prison lords whose success depends on gathering as much as possible for themselves because in prison, resources and possibilities are severely limited.

In a survival environment like prison, the weak cannot but be exploited. This is why I do not think the Occupy movement can lead to true freedom since it is an attempt by prisoners to come to terms with the prison lords in a bid to stop oppression and exploitation. I do not see how that can happen because the ruling principle in the prison under the lordship of the god of this world precludes the possibility of sharing. An agreement may have the appearance of sharing but at the root of it has to be survival of the fittest.

Thankfully, anyone can step out of the prison anytime, while they are still alive. The last Adam has taken power away from the lord of the prison and He invites everyone to step out of prison into His Kingdom, where there is freedom. In the free world, love is the ruling principle. Why not? It is heaven on earth and unlike prison, resources and possibilities are limitless. In that kingdom, there is no hatred, no greed, only love. In that kingdom, there is no need for self preservation. After all, your life is everlasting and your resources are as infinite as your life.

It is a travesty that most emancipated people still live like prisoners or worse because, being more familiar with prison life, they do not know how to live free. Existing prisoners therefore think freedom is undesirable. The higher you go in prison therefore, the more you want to remain in prison because of privileges that do not exist outside, such as control of other prisoners. Nevertheless, if I experience the same evils outside prison as I do in prison, why be free? If my conditions worsen outside prison than in prison, what is the point of freedom? If only we learn how to live free, freedom is light years better than prison life.

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