A very present help in trouble

Yesterday morning, I was awoken from sleep by a phone call from Busayo, my youngest brother saying my brother Tobi had just been abducted from his house by four armed men.

His life was in the balance.

In order for the day not to be turned into a day of mourning for his pregnant wife, his 2-year old daughter and the rest of us, something needed to happen, quickly.

Theoretical knowledge of God fails at such times. When confronted with the fragility of existence and life hangs in the balance, you need a very present help in trouble.

I was tempted to despair but we all chose to declare words of life, safety and deliverance. I asked that there be neither fear nor panic but confident declarations.

Ronke, myself, my parents, the whole family and close believers within and outside Nigeria swung into action, spiritually. Bunmi my sister, alerted the police. We made quick calls of faith, not fear among ourselves.

We invoked the blood of Jesus and employed praise, acknowledging the One fearful in praises, whose mercies endure forever. Tobi had also been invoking the blood amidst his captors.

In less than 2 hours after the abduction, I called Busayo, to say we should switch to praise, only to be told Tobi had just called! He was safe. He had to be. Victory celebration erupted in the house of Ilesanmi.

The details of the deliverance spelt divine intervention.

The abductors had taken him away in a new car, which got demobilized on the way and they told him they will kill him if the car does not start after the count of 5. Before they finished counting, stray policemen showed up! The armed robbers fled.

The police began to beat him up and handcuff him, thinking he was one of the robbers. Before they could “waste” him, another set of policemen which Bunmi had alerted, came to his rescue.

This is not my first time of proving God a very present help in trouble.

I want deliverance not only for my family but for my nation. A system that encourages indiscriminate wastage of life in pursuit of daily bread needs urgent attention.

I will be working actively in concert with others to turn around the destiny of Nigeria. Without necessarily raising our voices in the streets, we will replace the system that breeds robbers with one that encourages industry and service. In union with Christ, we will quietly Renew Nigeria.

Details will emerge soon…

If you are Nigerian, I hope you get involved – as this incident showed, spiritual, not physical presence, counts the most. If you are not Nigerian, please follow the progression of a nation from trouble to peace, with the help of the very present help in trouble.


Late in 2010, Ronké my wife unexpectedly went into surgery for a situation we did not know was life threatening. She had gone to the hospital for something else and went back for the results at night while I was asleep at home with Tófúnmi, and the doctors told her they had to do an emergency surgery. She tried to reach me but my phone was not close by. I finally woke up at some point and found that she had tried to call me several times. I knew something was not right. I was able to reach her at the hospital and she told me she had just had surgery! I switched realms immediately and said, “Listen to me, what you need now are right words” And I proceeded to envelop her spiritually, not with pity words but with creative words of faith, the kind Jesus used to create all manner of good and which the Creator used in the beginning to create everything we see. She found the strength from within and chose to drive herself home, hours after a major surgery. She is well right now, surrounded by right words, one of which is, “Your lungs are made up of words…”

Words are not just sounds or alphabetic arrangements on paper or screen. Words wound, words heal, words create, words destroy. Your words are the only thing on this planet that can pierce into heaven right now. The Almighty responds to our words as do angels, according to scriptures. Words are faster than light, they created light in the first place. Words are infinitely more potent than the most powerful physical weapons. Human beings respond to words more than to images. Ask Churchhill, Hitler, Ghandi, Martin Luther King (Jr) and other men and women in our times, if you do not want to ask Jesus. Human beings are made up of words – you can quote me on that. Words change reality in every realm of existence. If you know how to use words, you will realize how easy and struggle-free life can be. Words are the stuff our universe is made up of and words will rearrange anything in this universe, including pressing problems that seemingly have nothing to do with words.

I can say it because I have experienced it countless times. In Nigeria, I experienced kidnapping en route to a taxi park. It ended up being a free ride to the taxi park because of words that pierced the spirit and totally disarmed 4 armed, strong and determined men, and I did not lift a finger. In early January, I sent a laptop to a friend in Nigeria by regular post! Ha!! Obviously, CanadaPost refused to insure it because it was not guaranteed to be delivered. But I took the risk anyway, partly because I needed to test the process as I am engaged in a project in Nigeria that will require going through customs often. As one would expect, the laptop got missing. But I said, “They will not steal this one. This laptop will be delivered.” I said it in my basement but it needed to happen in Lagos. How? Words transcend time and space. All hope was lost of course but last week, I got a call that it was delivered, with some excuse for the weeks-long delay. “They will not steal this one. This laptop will be delivered.” They were not empty words, but spirit, which when spoken correctly in Montreal, make things happen exactly as spoken, in Lagos. Did the scriptures not say that the worlds were framed by God’s word?

It may all seem spooky but I know it’s not. I live in Wordsville. Even as a teenager and during my University days in Great Ifè in Nigeria, I experienced the power of words. I spent my first two years in University doing everything but studying, so my grades were rather dismal. After my spiritual rebirth, I got serious with school and my grades began to go north but I had wasted valuable time in an environment where the first few years largely determine the end – we used a cumulative grade system. I needed intervention, so I spoke my final cumulative grade based on Jesus’ words concerning the power of words. I only saw my results on paper the day I went to check my final results with my Mom (who is a subscriber to this blog), to whom I had “bragged” my results without having seen them, but having declared them. It happened exactly as spoken. It was one of the deciding moments of my life.

Today, I run a company with my wife and we use words to still the storms. We use words to create the reality we want before they crystallize and even when everything is screaming the opposite. You can too, if you learn that your mouth is not just for eating, drinking, talking or kissing but for ensuring your struggle-free earthly existence. This is one of the reasons I burst into dance with Ronké without notice, even in storms and even at work. You might too, if you begin to taste the goodness of the Lord like I am beginning to and you realize that nothing is impossible with you. It is a very solemn truth. Last month, we spent one week in Montego Bay. Yeah man! But it was supposed to rain there all week. On the flight, I realized I preferred sunny weather so I declared it (in faith but quietly, no point disturbing everyone on the flight). We had sunny weather all week, contrary to the forecast. It did rain though, mostly at night. No problem man!

There is no problem with any place, including Nigeria. There are only people who have not learnt how to use words like Jesus did. And I know Nigeria is improving but it will improve faster when words are used correctly. I know some may consider this a religious or “spiritual” matter but it is very real. When you know how to use words in print or spoken, you can influence matter, mind and spirit. Paul the Apostle knew the power of words. He engaged the philosophers of his day as well as “spiritual” people. His words caused affliction and brought healing too. You will do yourself great favor when you study and learn how to use words. God is referred to in scriptures as The Word. Hello! The deceiver himself is a wordsmith – watch out!

In addition to what we say, we also need to watch what we hear. The words we hear are not just talk or noise. They can pierce spirit, soul and body and can create mass movements for good or bad. It is in our best interest not to allow the wrong words in our environment, even words in music. One of the most effective ways to change reality and influence thought en masse is to package words in nice sounding music. By itself, music is very neutral. Words make them effective, for good or bad, in a very subtle way. Music opens you up, like hypnosis, to receive into the deepest layer of your being, whatever is packaged in it and the deceiver gets a lot done with it. I removed a seemingly harmless music for kids from our home, after my 2-year old exhibited a strange behavior on listening to it, which we later discovered was consistent with the main character in the song. Words are spirit.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof,” said King Solomon.