Public and private practice

Like most people in the world, there is a tendency for me to spend more time in things and relationships that are high profile and neglect those that do not necessarily bring me earthly glory or fame. Activities and relationships that bring glory and fame can be engaged in at a very surface level. But I know deep down in me that my righteousness needs to go deeper than external. It needs to be heart-deep.

What I do in public is not really what counts. What I do, how I act when no one sees me is what matters, to the One who made me and to me. I may pretend as though I am satisfied with just having the approval of people but more often than not, it is not only God that knows the truth about me, I know. I know when accolades and public approval are based purely on a façade.

I am most at peace when I have peace with God and myself. Even if no one sees how I act privately, I see it and God sees it and I can never have peace internally until there is congruence between my private and public practice. My public practice is much more impactful when it flows from my authentic self. The gates of hell will be unable to prevail against me when I act publicly as I would act when no one sees me but me and God.

One of my greatest needs is to make my private and public practice flow from the same source and to work harder on the private, which is the true test of my heart. In effect, my heart is what matters most, because, from the abundance of the heart, thoughts, words and deeds flow.

Thank God I have a renewed heart as a gift from God when I accepted Jesus Christ, which gives me a righteous nature. However, I still have a responsibility to pump my renewed heart with the truth and allow myself to act from the heart. Then I do not have to be concerned about incongruence between my public and private practice. I just am.

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