Reason and Love

We mostly celebrate reason and intellectual capacity as though it is the height of human development but reason is limited. Our intellects cannot pierce the unseen, they can only function within the seen. Our minds are not creative by themselves because they function only within existing paradigms. We go to school to study ideas incapable of solving the problems they created.

Whenever we need to take a leap as individuals, organizations or societies into a new paradigm, our minds cannot help us, neither can our minds understand the essence of an issue. We can not truly address complex and multi-faceted problems at any scale with just the use of our minds. Often when we fix one problem with our minds, we create several more.

For example, when we medicate an ailment, we often need more medication to deal with the often multiple side effects of “solving the problem”. Why? We are using our minds, which only see and know “in part”, a major limitation in a complex and multidimensional world like ours. There is a better way.

David Hawkins said, “Reason deals only with particulars, whereas Love deals with wholes. This ability, often ascribed to intuition, is the capacity for instantaneous understanding without resorting to sequential symbol processing.”

Reason has a limited view of Love because reason has a limited view, period. Our world will be different if more of us were as developed in Love as we are in reason. Love is the height of human development. It is the highest form of intelligence. It allows us to see beyond what our minds can grasp and to transcend the limitations of matter, space and time. When a problem is approached in Love, we are able to deal with its root. Love does not merely medicate, it heals and restores to wholeness. What is known as systems thinking is still limited if we are “thinking”. Love allows us to move from thinking to seeing. Love facilitates paradigm shifts and pattern recognition because it sees in multiple dimensions at the same time and it is able to detect the connections between the seemingly unconnected.

We severely limit ourselves when we rely on our heads.

Our technological prowess is a product of our minds and that is why it is full of side effects like violence, isolation, disease, waste and so on. Love grants access to a technology whose side effects are only positive because it taps into God’s power, the same power that needed nothing but words to produce such miracles as trees and animals.

God is not reason, God is Love. God is who to imitate. Love does things the way God does things, Love produces Christ-like results. Perhaps René Descartes words, “I think therefore I am” is better rendered as “I Love therefore I am” since the I Am is Love.

When reason needs to move a mountain, violence, destruction and exploitation are unavoidable. A statement in Proverbs says, “The labor of the foolish wearieth everyone of them because they know not how to go into the city.” Love knows how. When Love needs to move a mountain, heartfelt words are enough to activate omnipresent power that can remove the mountain without violence or destruction.

When reason needs to feed thousands of people in a deserted place, it can not happen instantaneously because both natural and man-made systems and cycles need to have been exploited long before the need occurred. Love can make it happen in an instant as Jesus showed, without employment or deployment of people and resources. Love produces supernatural results.

The power to bring things into existence is omnipresent and is independent of products of reason. Love activates that power. Jesus showed it again and again.

Compassion raised Lazarus. Compassion fed the multitudes without having to set up factories, employ humans, grow food, harvest fish. Compared to Love’s technology, the technology produced by reason is violent and primitive no matter how sophisticated and advanced it seems. Jesus needed no factory to produce better tasting wine at a wedding.

Christ declared himself as “The Way, The Truth and The Life” which have more to do with real life than mere religion. He came here to introduce us to Love, one of whose consequence is a technology infinitely superior to what we know. A truly open-source technology that is gentle, compassionate and omnipotent, which we can access without money, without intellectual “property” infringements. It is not controlled by Mammon but by Love. Definitely good news for most of humanity especially the poor and disenfranchised. But how do we move from dependence on reason to Love?

2 thoughts on “Reason and Love

  1. Hey there!! Whenever you write a new blog it blesses me teaches me and encourages me i fill like you aready know my stuation thorough your writtings , love is all i need is amazing and now reason to love ,keep up the fire and God bless you as you teach many men and women out here who dont value love…. Thanks tolulope.

    • Thank you Tabby for allowing what I write to bless you. I truly appreciate your kind words and your openness to these truths about Love, which bless me too.

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