Redefining Success

I want to be pursuing my mission on earth, not my ambition. I may face insurmountable barriers in the process of achieving my ambition but there can be no insurmountable barriers in the process of fulfilling my mission.

I think an ambition is what I want to achieve. My mission, I think, is the task I was given by the Creator to do within a specific time frame. My mission was placed in my heart before I was born and I can be certain of it. There are no insurmountable barriers in the way of my mission because the One who gave the mission is the Almighty whose other name is Love. He could not possibly send me on a mission without fully equipping me for the task.

Since my mission is a task or an assignment, success is not the desired end, fulfillment is the desired end. I want to replace the word “success” in my vocabulary with the word “fulfillment”.

I helped organize the McGill Graduate Business Conference entitled “Redefining Success” 5 years ago while I was in the MBA program. I personally needed to define what success meant for me and I thought everyone else needed to do that and that is why my friend, Anne Soussay and I came up with that theme.

The question of success keeps coming up for and in me. Less than 2 weeks ago, I was asked the same question while speaking in an undergraduate business class at McGill. I am not sure I answered the question to my heart’s satisfaction. But now I get it, life is not really about the pursuit of success, but about fulfillment, at least for me. It is about being and doing what I am here to be and do and it has nothing to do with my titles, positions, networks, possessions or other measurable indicators of “success”. It has everything to do with making the contribution I am here to make, being the change I am here to be.

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