Religion vs Spirituality

Just to clarify, I think there is a significant difference between being religious and being spiritual. I think you can be very religious without being spiritual. I think talking about God is not a religious thing but a matter of spirituality.

I am convinced that I am not just matter, but purely spirit living in a human body so my primary need is not material but spiritual. I (spirit) am never at rest until I am in what Wayne Dyer refers to as Spirit, I am never fulfilled until I am in Spirit, because that is my natural habitat. That is not to my mind, a religious issue but just reality.

My belief and experience is that the spirit realm is at least as real as the material just as atoms even though they cannot be seen with the naked eye, are as real as physical objects that can be seen and touched. My reasoning is that the spirit is too real, too potent, too intelligent to be the result of chance. My reasoning and my belief is that spirit has a source called God, who is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient who relates to human beings in love and created them and all matter as an expression of love. My reasoning and my belief is that that being called God created human beings in his image and gave them the freedom to cause him pain and to deny his existence.

My conviction is that out of pure love and until he chooses not to anymore, he will welcome with open arms even those who curse him and cause him unimaginable pain. I am also totally convinced that he became human 2000 years ago so that he could die and be able to legally redeem those who choose to come to him. I know how easy it is to file this under “religion” but I find it hard to consider it as anything but ultimate reality.

There is a lot of pressure to compartmentalize my life into “church”, “work”, “family”, “business”, “social”, etc and suppress the real me (spirit) in every “non-spiritual” compartment. I want to be expressed and the sum of my expression is love because I originated from pure love. The scriptures say, God is love. Love is not religious, but practical and expressible in every area of my life.

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