A step forward

Last Friday, over 20 gunmen armed with AK-47s stormed a village in Kaduna, north of Nigeria, killing and maiming, unchallenged. Innocent Chukwuemeka Mari was gunned down in full view of his wife and children. His crime was to reside in a part of the country where the dominant culture and religion differed from his.

The political and leadership challenges of Nigeria are clear to all. Politicians and government officials practice armed robbery daily, indirectly robbing and wasting the lives of Innocents.

Nigeria is one of the richest countries in the world, yet poverty reigns. Indiscriminate wastage grows, in government and in civil society. Instead of entrepreneurship, youth carry out armed robbery, robbing, killing and maiming Innocents. represents a way forward. Imperfect but alive, it will grow. Take baby steps by visiting and joining.

If you are a Nigerian reading this, I hope you will not consider it a burden to do so. If you are not Nigerian, there is nothing to lose by joining. If you blog, feel free to blog about this.

Let us rescue a nation from collapse. As one, let us take this baby step beyond discontent, to stop indiscriminate robbery, killing and destruction of Innocents and their families. The strength of darkness is the absence of light. Let us begin to dispel the gross darkness of Nigeria by shining our light, one by one.

Visit to learn more and to join the movement. Invite your friends too.

4 thoughts on “ A step forward

  1. I thank God that you are responding to the burden God has put inside of you to stand up and be a part of His answer to Nigeria’s problems or opportunities if you like. That has in turn challenged me to step up to the plate and do something about the state of the nation. The deception is that we are too small to impact such a huge nation but we fail to remember the monumental size of the God who dwells in us. With Him nothing shall be impossible. Kudos bro

    • Thanks Watchman. Responding to the burdens in our hearts is the least we must do. This has begun to achieve its purpose if it challenges you to step up to the plate also.

      Thank God we will not give in to such deception. Given the magnitude of the One dwelling in us, we ought to address impossible situations like Renewing Nigeria.

      Our faith begins to work, when through faith we subdue kingdoms, put alien armies to flight, wrought righteousness, achieve societal transformation, not when we receive bread and butter.

  2. I am Kenyan. This initiative breathes at the very core of who I am. I’ve visited the website, such a blessing that you are involved in this Tolulope. The first step of the start of this journey is the hardest, as the website has rightly put it humanly impossible. That is the beginning of flowing against the current. That is the beginning of taking the responsibility of the future. I believe the future starts now. We determine our tomorrow by what we do today. I agree everyone is a leader, a steward because God has entrusted us with gifts, resources and talents. Question is are using what God has given us? I see more people joining the movement to RenewNigeria, some are not even online, it is for the invisible eyes to see – through prayers and faith. I join in you to pray even for Kenya, God will ultimately judge all Nations in the end . Let’s do what we can, redeeming the time, Ecclesiastes 9:10-11

    • @TaunetNelel_JB thank you for your rich comment. Thank you for seeing that the movement to RenewNigeria is at core a movement to RenewKenya and every African and non-African country. I see with you too that more people are joining this movement to Renew our nations. May we all do our part. 

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