Two people can hear the same message, watch the same movie, listen to the same music, look at the same work of art and one may be in tears while the other remains untouched. How come? The message resonates with one and does not resonate with the other.

It is possible for God to be in the room right now and not be so much as acknowledged because of lack of resonance. What we respond to, what we see does not depend as much on what we are bearing witness to as the sensitivity and cleanliness of the instrument that is bearing witness.

Resonance is what happens when a system vibrates in response to an external stimulus because the natural vibrational frequency of the receiver is the same or close to that of the source. Depth is perceived only by the deep. The shallow cannot detect depth because vibrational frequencies differ.

The pure in heart shall see God, not when they die but right now, right here because God is always here even if here, sorry to burst your bubble, is a hell.

Failure to experience the presence of God is not due to the absence of God but due to the cleanliness of the perceiver.

The impure in heart can look at God and be convinced they are seeing the devil. Why? They are not beholding God but the muck on their window. The Pharisees believed Jesus was satanic. Our statements and judgements reveal character. What we see outside is what exists within.

Please do not beat anyone on the head for not responding in kind to your transmission. They must be able to function at a similar frequency to even detect your vibration. Profound words and works can only be appreciated and responded to by people whose profundity already matches that of the author.

You can not change anyone but you. When I change, others can be inspired to change too but there are no guarantees.

If I am not seeing God and beauty in the world, it is not because there is evil and ugliness “out there” but because it is “in here”.

Thankfully, I can tune my instrument, I can change my vibrational frequency so that I easily pick up God’s omnipresent transmissions. I can clean my interior windows so that I behold truth when I look, rather than beholding the dirtiness of my windows thinking it is truth.

Training ourselves to see and respond to inspired works starting with The Word, is how we tune our instruments. This is how I tune my instrument and clean my perception again and again.

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