Right to priesthood

Our right to any form of intermediation between God and man has very little to do with our knowledge of divine mysteries and the Holy Scriptures. Doth not knowledge puff up when disconnected from Love? Is truth not cruelty when not packaged in Love?

Although he is God from eternity past, Jesus’ right to priesthood, his everlasting unshakeable right to be The Mediator between God and man is that He Died, not even that He performed the miraculous act of rising from the dead. The song in heaven is not, worthy is the omnipotent and omniscient One but, “worthy is the lamb that was slain”.

His right to priesthood is that he walked in our shoes. He partook in our suffering and our temptations. Empathy and Compassion qualified him for priesthood not his power or wisdom.

This empathy and compassion was displayed when at the tomb of Lazarus, just before raising that man from the dead, “Jesus wept.” Didn’t he know he was about to undo death? Why on earth did the author of life weep in the face of death?

I follow him to death and beyond for such display of love than for anything else he may possess or anything else he may be, including his divinity. I am unashamed to say I follow no other because no one has walked in my shoes so much that he or she died in my stead. I surrender my life to him a billion times because He cared enough to be Emmanuel, God with us. Keyword is, with.

Until you are tempted like someone has been, until you have suffered what they have suffered or are suffering, until you have walked in their shoes, until you have been with them, you have no right, absolutely no right to intermediate or offer any advice whatsoever. Until then, compassion and wisdom demand silence, absolute silence in the face of suffering or tragedy of any sort. And even after then tears may be a better expression than words.

Because our qualification to mediate or intervene in any case of suffering or brokenness even if self-inflicted, is empathy and compassion, not our ability to undo the suffering, not our words of wisdom.

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