So great a cloud of women

This is intentionally coming in after Mother’s day. To be honest, one of the ways in which I am weird is that I do not have special days. Not even my birthday is a special day. I make it a point to celebrate every day and celebrate people daily. Why postpone or limit celebration and joy? It may mean that I do not give Ronké anything on Mother’s day. I make it a point to appreciate her daily, in very unusual and creative, when not annoying, ways.

Having said this, I feel the need to write a blog post I could as well have written 1 month ago, to honor the women in my life as I am surrounded by so great a cloud of women. Incidentally, every woman mentioned here with the exception of two, is a mother. Guess who they are.

I love and am privileged to be married to Ibironké, a very graceful, beautiful beautiful woman whose beauty includes and transcends the physical. In her, I see that a woman is the most beautiful thing God made. Ronké gets a kick out of hearing me say to her out of appreciation and celebration, “You are my wife.” She understands that those four words speak for my spirit, soul and body and even though they sound bland and ordinary, communicate much more than they say. She has converted those words into a prayer.

I also call Ronké “Nwannem,” an Igbo word that means mine. She makes me shine at home and abroad and covers my you know what, big time. But for her, I would be a mess, in many respects. She is the one woman who knows everything I am not, and not only loves me but actually thinks I am cool! I wonder about her at times. Ronké is the making of me.

Ronké and I produced another woman in the making, Olúwatófunmi, whom I have the honor of helping to mold into a woman of virtue. She is the cutest thing that exists. Seriously. Tófunmi loves her Daddy like crazy and it makes her Daddy’s head to swell big time. Her Daddy ‘lllooves’ her. Through Tófunmi, I am learning patience, I am learning presence, I am relearning play. Tófunmi is making me.

Ronké considers me very homely and well brought up, even though extremely playful, unusual, bothering on abnormal. Any homeliness or loving kindness in me is from my Mom, Modupé Ilesanmi, who is the most sacrificial woman that I know, whose grace and natural beauty inspired me to desire a woman graceful and naturally beautiful. I would probably be zero today if not for her prayers. My Dad always says “Tolú likes his food and loves his mother.” She was the making of me and continues to travail in prayer for me until Christ be formed in me. Yes, I am a special case, I need prayers.

My Mom made me a man many mothers find it easy to adopt as a son and I have a great cloud of mothers too here in Montreal, including Quetelie Caton, my beautiful, equally graceful Haitian mother, who has met my Mom. Unsurprisingly, they love each other.

I have two lovely older sisters, Lola and Bunmi, who are twins. Through them I began to take baby steps towards caring for, appreciating and protecting women. I would have been even rougher around the edges today if not for them. They made me.

I have many other wonderful women in my life, some of whom are clients who have become great friends and I cannot name them all here. Lynn Harris who incidentally does a lot of work around women in Leadership is an avid supporter of Ronké and I. She so believes in us that at times we find it hard to see what she sees in us. She makes me too.

Since this is a blog, I feel the need to mention some women that enrich my life as a blogger. They are now part of my great cloud of women. Please visit their pages. They might contribute to making you too.

Lara Daniels discovered me and continues to discover me. This blog post itself has her imprint. She found and stuck to my blog when it had no beauty, comeliness or followership. She believes strongly in the God in me and that propels me.

Through Lara Daniels, I met Buky Ojelabi, who exposed me to a world of God lovers I did not know existed, in addition to scolding me about how unfriendly my blog was. If my blog has any attractiveness now, it is Buky’s fault, not mine.

I met Histiara through Buky. Histiara means His “Tiara”, His Royal Diadem and I agree wholeheartedly. She inspires me deeply. I think her poems are out of this world.

Through Buky, I met Tolúlopé my namesake, of Rahab Memoirs who adopted me as a big brother and from whom I learn much more than she can learn from me. Some of my blog posts bear her imprint.

June Michell is a woman whose office is next door to ours. She runs an organization called Women Aware, that has helped many women in abusive relationships. June thinks I am inspiring and she does not have a clue how much of an encouragement she is to me, in my blogging experience and in real life. She started to follow my blog when she was a lone follower. She still religiously reads every single blog post.

These are only some of the wonderful women who make up the great cloud of women that surround me. They are making me and I deeply honor them. Even if you were not mentioned, I am incomplete without your influence and that will speak for eternity.

9 thoughts on “So great a cloud of women

  1. Tolu, what a beautiful post and how simply wonderful, to honour the women of God who have impacted your life in some way. I already know Lara and Buky and love reading their blogs and now I know a little more of your beautiful wife and daughter. I too am blessed, as I praise God for connecting me, though Buky's blog, to such inspiring sisters and brothers, in Christ, who I feel as though I have known for a long time. May God continue to increase you more and more and anoint you to encourage, motivate and enlighten others with your wonderful soul searching writings.Carole in the UK

  2. Thank you Carole. You are one of those I did not mention, but whose contributions and encouragement speak for eternity. I am blessed to have come in contact with you, I believe, through Buky's blog also.

  3. Bros mi, I won't stop calling you that, you believed in me when I don't have the strength to, you see in me what i can not see at all. Am grateful, God brought you to me , God bless you.

  4. I do not know how to respond to this, Tolu because I know I learn a lot from you. Thank you for your extra kind (if not undeserving) words. God bless you.

  5. Read this to my hubby and he is grinning ear to ear… "you have a beautiful family that 've never met" He says, and I cant agree more. What a very touching post… I am even more blessed to know you and your blog. You have enriched my life with your posts and through this site I have come to clarify and reevaluate my beliefs in this awesome God. I am also grateful for all the wonderful women you mentioned here… It's good to be in the company of such God lovers.

  6. Tolulope,You write from the heart by His Spirit and it shows. Ibironke is highly blessed and favored. Tofunmi is blessed forever to have a tender-hearted and loving father.You, carole-faithlounge,, rahabmemoirs and many more have touched my life more than you will ever know.I see God in everyone, even though we live in a fallen world. The power of God in us outshines and over-power darkness. Thru you all my life is filled with Random Acts Of Kindness. My faith in humanity has risen to a greater level.May all our best days be ahead of us and not behind us. May His light continue to shine thru us, to draw more to His name. May we never have any cause to look back but to keep pressing in thru prayer until something happens.

  7. @LD, thanks a lot for your comment. You have a beautiful family that I also hope to meet soon.@Buky, thank you and Amen to your prayers.It is a blessing to enter into an endless giving and receiving with each other. Thank you both for being a blessing. By the way, I have been in transit to Nigeria, that is why my comment was delayed.

  8. [In her, I see that a woman is the most beautiful thing God made.Ibironké is the making of me.]This is the most beautiful way I have read of a man appreciating his wife. I too believe she is beautiful. I hope you tell her 'she's beautiful, everyday. [Tofunmi is the cutest thing that exists.]I agree whole-heartedly. She a cutie. *cough cough*…so is Mine. lol [Modupé Ilesanmi, who is the most sacrificial woman that I know, whose grace and natural beauty inspired me to desire a woman graceful and naturally beautiful.]She reminds me of Eunice and Lois. God bless your Mum. [Yes, I am a special case, I need prayers.]*Cough* Should we add fasting to it? I have visited Lynn Harris site and I am definitely bookmarking it. She has some nuggets worth reading.I fell in love with Lara Daniels writings and blog. And in addition to a couple of emails, I really like her. I've mentioned that to you severally.Buky is one lady I've learned so much from. She writes openly and honestly with a lot of wisdom.When I first read Tolu's article, I rushed to subscribe to her blog. She delivers some deep truths and has a lovely personality.I have learned much from Bahar, Carole and Ella's comments as well as visiting their inspiring blogs.Thank you for this tribute, Tolulope. God bless you yanfu-yanfu.

  9. Thanks for your comments Sis. I have added fasting to it.I am glad you agree with me on all the women I mention here. Saying Ronke is the making of me is not really a compliment but a fact.Thanks again. I am adding fasting.

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