Speak up

Words are more than sound waves. When I speak, I set unseen supernatural forces in motion for good or evil. Words move mountains because words activate supernatural forces. We are a product of words. The words we feed on become dominant thoughts that shape our lives. Words can cause mass movements for good or evil. Those of us who craft words and thoughts mold destinies.

God spoke and the heavens and the earth came into being, because His words activated His omnipotence. As images of God, our words too can activate God’s omnipotence, if spoken in absolute faith.

Our words do not come to pass like Christ’s because for most of us, words are just sound waves, so our words are mostly idle causing us to unwittingly perpetuate evil. Almost everything Jesus did on earth was done with words, not physical or mental power. We may have underestimated the power of words and we may never imitate Christ like we ought to until we learn to use our words like He, the Word did.

Often, we hesitate to speak boldly because we know we lack power of our own to handle the matters before us. As believers however, bold speaking relies not on our ability but God’s, and God is seeking people who trust Him enough to step up and address individual, national or global issues. David boldly declared Goliath’s defeat in advance, but the performance of it was God’s not David’s. Elijah said there would be no rain except by his word but the performance of it was God’s. 

Faith is stepping out on the fact that my word is God’s bond. In truth, I have no power of my own to heal anything but I have delegated authority to speak healing to anything so I will, knowing that God will back me up. When we believe God enough to confidently speak to anything from an individual disease to a national disease, all of His kingdom is committed.

Paul the apostle prayed that we may know the exceeding greatness of God’s power at work in us who believe. An appreciation of that power causes us to speak with confidence because our words are backed with God’s power the same way the President of an organization can commit his organization with his words. As God’s child, I can commit all of God’s kingdom with my words. Selah! Jesus said nothing will be impossible for us when we speak in faith. Why? Our words of faith commit God.

The state of the world and our nations not to talk of our individual lives require believers to start speaking boldly, at the risk of ridicule and shame. Who cares about ridicule when the Almighty has said He will back us up and there are life and death matters to handle? In any case, the world is getting more spiritual so we spirits had better begin to speak up and despise the shame.

4 thoughts on “Speak up

  1.  Thankyou brother…for showing us that this is not the time for small visions…narrow minds…and tight spirits…but a time for boldness..courage…and dependence upon the faithful promises of God. It is time for taking up crosses…counting things lost…and following the Master. You are appreciated!

    • You are appreciated brother for your ever so insightful and rich comments. I am privileged to have you as a contributor – thank you.

      The time for small visions, narrow minds and tight spirits has passed. This is the time to go even beyond the works of Christ and aim for the greater works he promised. The world needs nothing less. I am determined not to take his holiness and compassion and leave his power or vice versa. Everything together, precisely as His Word promised. All of Christ.

      Thank you.

  2. Amen, friend! Yes, may the Word, Jesus, live in us so fully (be so alive and active) that every word we speak is from Him and is full of His power. Let us speak the truth in love so that His word can run swiftly throughout the whole earth and accomplish His will!!

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