When President Obama speaks, his words can rearrange economies, restructure societies, communities and families. His words can affect ecosystems due to reaction of people around the world to his speech. When you have power and authority, all you need to do is speak and Wall Street and Main Street line up as do ecosystems.

If you have been given a seat above all visible and invisible power in the present world and in the world to come, all you need to do is speak. Your words are backed up with all the power in the universe. Your speech does not need to be carried in Wall Street Journal or on CNN for there to be a shift. True power is invisible and satellite technology is redundant in the spirit. If you carry in you the very Spirit that created and runs the universe, you can speak a word in a hut and visible and invisible powers and principalities will align. Even weather systems obey your words.

Most believers do not doubt that Jesus has that power. What they doubt is that He possessed it for them. What we doubt is that we have joint seating with Him and can do with our words whatever He can do with His. What makes anyone’s words potent is the power that backs up their words. You carry God and all His power if His Spirit dwells in you. It is called amazing grace, good to sing it but better to receive and act it.

If our words of faith are less potent than Christ’s, then everything else in scriptures is false and it must be okay to hate, to murder, to commit adultery and there is no God. If the scriptures are false, let’s stop pretending and junk it. But if it is true, let’s do the math and behave ourselves. Speak!

8 thoughts on “Speak!

  1. Amen!
    i agree with you esp on this statement, ‘many Christians don’t doubt that Christ has the power, what they doubt is that He possessed it for them’

    To put it another way, many Christians don’t doubt Christ’s power, they doubt His willingness to help them.

    • We have a very low self image and think Christ will not back us up so we refuse to step out on His behalf. We remain in conformity to the darkness of this world instead of being the light of the world.

  2. I appreciate this. “amazing grace, good to sing it but better to receive and act it.” I totally agree, To speak, and behave my belief, because the words I speak are backed by Jesus power.

    We better start believing in Jesus’ power in us and “that we have joint seating with Him and can do with our words whatever He can do with His.” because the more we continue doubting the more of what we speak is the fruit we see in our lives. Do we really understand that God is the WORD, that death and life are in the power of the tongue…

    • I am not sure we do yet – understand that the power of life and death are in the power of our tongue. When we do, there will be massive transformation all around us and the world will know there are true followers of Christ on this planet.

  3. Power and Authority. That’s where the crux lies for me. That is what Christ said He gave us as His followers. The problem is that most Christians do not know they possess this power and authority. We are sitting on a massive inheritance left by Christ and yet begging for crumbs at the King’s table. Some understand authority but doubt the power exists. This is akin to a policeman who has authority to stop a vehicle but no physical power to do so himself. Some understand the power but doubt the authority. A toddler wielding a gun is in possession of power but he lacks the authority to use that gun in any meaningful way. We need to be re-awakened to our inheritance in Christ so that we can speak in authority and expect the power to flow through the channel created by our faith-filled words and effect change in our sphere of influence

    • We share Christ’s inheritance not as subordinate heirs but as joint heirs. He inherited power, riches, wisdom as stated in Rev5:12 yet we are begging for crumbs not only at the King’s table but often at the table of earthly kings! It is like Abraham begging for help from the world when the world is meant to be blessed through him. All power in heaven and on earth has been inherited by us, yet we keep mute. It is time to speak with the understanding of the power and authority we have.

      I have an advanced degree and have contemplated even more advanced degrees but I am realizing more and more that studying the inheritance Christ obtained for us has infinitely greater promise for this life and for the life to come, much more than spending years in educational institutions that produce conformists and not Christ-like change agents.

  4. “The
    love of God is not God’s making much of us, but God’s saving us from
    self-centeredness so that we can enjoy making much of him forever. And our love
    to others is not our making much of them, but helping them to find satisfaction
    in making much of God. True love aims at satisfying people in the glory of God.
    Any love that terminates on man is eventually destructive. It does not lead
    people to the only lasting joy, namely, God. Love must be God-centered, or it is
    not true love; it leaves people without their final hope of joy.”

    • Our glory is in reflecting God and totally surrendering to Him. Jesus said, “without me, you can do nothing.” Left to ourselves, we are dead and Christ gave us a real life example by referring to Himself as the vine and we the branches, thereby demystifying what it means to belong to Christ.

      I could not agree more. God must be at the center of everything in the universe otherwise it is dead. We were made in His image not to exist without Him but to express Him. It helps to know that we are creatures and the rightful place of creatures is absolute surrender. Where the struggle comes is that we have the freedom to choose whether to submit or not. It makes us think it is okay to be unnatural and not submit when in fact it means death…

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