Spirit Matter

I have a challenge with appropriate images!

I have wondered how some people can go through the worst of circumstances and emerge unscathed or even prosperous at the end. I have come to the conclusion that it is due to what I chose to call spirit matter, which may be considered an oxymoron. A “thing” that is invisible but more real than visible realities. Spirit matter is not only more real than physical matter, it is the source of physical matter. Spirit matter is what Isaac in the Bible had, that prevented his adversaries from stopping the source of his wealth even when they succeeded in stopping his wells – the more his wells got stopped, the more wells he discovered. It led to his adversaries signing a pact with him since he could not be beaten and he seemed to have something supernatural going for him.

Physical matter is subject to change and destruction but spirit matter is eternal and indestructible. A person can be imprisoned like the late Victor Frankl was and emerge from the experience a blessing to humanity and discover what Victor Frankl referred to as “the last of the human freedoms”. I think it is spirit matter that enables someone to go through a process designed to break the human spirit and come out like Joseph in the Bible, to become Prime Minister. It is spirit matter, invisible, but very real, absolutely dependable.

It requires an internal transformation and practice to shift our attention from physical matter to spirit matter. It takes an internal transformation to focus on what cannot be seen rather than what can be seen. I think spirit matter is why Jesus said if a man wants to take away your coat, allow him to take more. They can take away your physical coat but the source of your clothing remains as intact as ever. Spirit matter is the reason Jesus instructed his disciples not to carry physical provisions for their assignment because the source of their provisions was not physical but spirit. I am training myself to focus more on and hold on to spirit matter than physical matter. Physical matter can be controlled, stolen, destroyed, manipulated by others but my spirit matter is internal and eternal.

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