State of the heart

Jabez had a very deep problem but he prayed a very simple and short prayer and the scriptures say God granted him his request and turned his life around. Hezekiah was informed by God that his time to die had come but he prayed a very simple and short prayer, although he wept sore, and God granted him 15 more years.

At the tomb of Lazarus, Jesus prayed no prayer. He simply gave thanks and cried, “Lazarus, come forth” and he that was dead came forth. Jesus provided enough bread to feed several thousand people and there was no spiritual or verbal gymnastics involved. He just blessed the loaves and fishes and multiplication ensued.

People have connected with God and tapped into the supernatural with very few words yet we toil and sweat with many words with little or no result, making it seem as though the scriptural accounts are mere fables. If they are true, we have to be missing something. 

Was Jabez more favored by God? Was Jesus able to raise the dead with only three words just because He was the Son of God? I think not. Could the key to gaining entrance into God’s heart, tapping into the supernatural and connecting with other human beings at a deep level be the state of the heart and not eloquence or abundance of words? According to scriptures, God shows Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are close to Him not those whose lips are. With the right heart, Jabez could pray a very short prayer that rang in heaven. With the right heart, Jesus could bring up Lazarus from the dead with three words 

When I have a right heart, my words become highly potent and I do not need to use too many words to talk to God, talk to people, dominate the spirit realm or control the natural environment. When I have a right heart, I am a force to reckon with in heaven and on earth.

Perhaps then we ought to spend more time sharpening our hearts, training our spirits than sharpening our minds and training our bodies?

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  1. Tolu, I love when you say, ‘there was no spiritual or verbal gymnastics involved’.

    Why do many in the Body of Christ not emulate Jesus in His way of praying?

    Why are we making the activity of prayer in the christian life harder for ourselves?

    Why do some not  ‘get’ it? – It’s a spiritual ‘thing’ – get your heart right and the rest will follow!

    Great post Tolu, I am blessed by this reminder, to focus on sharpening  my heart and training  my spirit. It is most certainly a word for me this morning, which I receive in the name of Jesus.  I pray it will be, for others too!

    • Thanks Carole. It is indeed a spiritual thing.

      When we understand that God looks not at the outward appearance but at the state of the heart, we will realize that it is the state of the heart that matters.

      If it matters to God, if we know what is good for us, we had better spend more time on the heart and less on the more external parts of us – possessions, body and intellect.

      If it matters to God, it is because it truly matters. The good thing is that as you said, once the heart is right, everything follows because right hearts please God.

  2. Tolu, your musings are really deep and are a graet source of blessing and inspiration to me.

    Honestly, we really need to remind ourselves often dat  our tapping into God’s supernatural does not have to be as a result of so much toiling and sweating in prayers.

    God’s  answers prayers,once  our hearts are right and in tune with his, no matter how simple or short it may seem.

    Was blessed by this.

    • Thank you uwawenlimobor. Sorry not sure which of the Awenlimobors you are but I know we go way back.

      It is a blessing to know this is a great source of blessing and inspiration to you.

      I have often been struck by how much Jesus and the giants of the faith did not toil in prayers. It seems to me that the real work was getting the heart right. Even Abraham negotiated against the destruction of a corrupt society in a very simple conversation with God. When the heart is right, we can come boldly to the throne of grace and just have a conversation with the king regarding any matter. I so love that, when prayer becomes a conversation with God.

  3. As always Oga mi, great and insightful post. I completely agree with the state of the heart you highlighted and it is something one must not be complacent about, after all the issues of life flow from it . I needed to hear this and take note of it

    Expanding on the state of the heart, won’t you say that God’s purpose (or His workings) also factors into the connection to the supernatural?

    I know there are people that we can say have the right heart but some of their requests were not granted – e.g. Paul’s request about the thorn in His side. 

    And I will have to say that being aligned to His purpose is part of sharpening our hearts and training our spirits.

    When Jesus talks about being in him and asking anything in his name – don’t you think that it is more than merely adding the phrase “In Jesus Name?”

    For example, if my sis sends me to a daycare to go pick her child, I see it as going in her name (in her authority and for her purpose)

    Would you then say Jesus could have been referring to asking in alignment to his will/purpose?

    • Òré, thanks for adding insight to this post.

      I believe strongly that the state of the heart is nothing if it is not alignment with God’s will and purpose. The scriptures say the eyes of the Lord run to and fro to show himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect towards him. We can also say those whose hearts are in line with His will and purposes. I believe that is all God seeks among men.

      Merely adding the phrase the name of Jesus to the end of a prayer really does nothing if the heart is not in alignment. God Himself said once that His people drew close to Him with their lips but their hearts were far. God looks at the heart for congruence

  4.  We need “new” hearts…..and our prayers are to line our wills with His. 
     In the garden.. Christ prayed three times for “the cup” to be removed from Him.. but each time His will gave into that of His Father. We must ask ourselves.. what was in the cup that caused Him to pray so fervently? What did it contain that caused Him such anguish that His sweat was mingled with blood? The wrath of His Father was in that cup.The believer is saved, not merely because of what men did to Christ on the Cross, but because of what God did to Him – He crushed Him under the full force of His wrath against us. Rarely is this truth made clear enough in the abundance of all our Gospel preaching.

    • We do need new hearts and the greatest prayer we can pray is to line our wills with His, because it is not an automatic thing. When that happens, the will of God can be done on earth as it is in heaven. Without human wills aligned with God’s, only human wills will be done on earth.

      This is really poignant – “The believer is saved, not merely because of what men did to Christ on the cross, but because of what God did to Him – He crushed Him under the full force of His wrath against us.” Wow. Yet, he gave in to God’s will. I guess that becomes the epitome of alignment with the will of God, of denying oneself for God’s will to come to pass. God bless you for that sir.

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