Step out of the boat

One way to tap latent potential is to embark on something humanly impossible. While others are able to get away with minor errors, you will not. The results of your internal deviation are instant. It is one way to ensure strong spiritual development because you are automatically kept in line and wholly dependent on the Spirit because of the impossibility of the endeavor.

Peter began to sink, just because he deviated in his mind, where no one saw him but God. Had he been in the safety of the boat, there would have been very little possibility of sinking, he might not have realized he was out of alignment and would have had no need to call on Jesus.

Limiting yourself to what is humanly possible and easy guarantees mediocrity because you easily get away with indiscipline and base appetites. Safety is dangerous. Stepping out on the impossible causes you to be disciplined because survival often depends on it. One of the best things anyone can do for themselves and for the world is to put themselves in situations where survival requires Christlikeness.

If your aim is to make it through the day, eat, drink, sleep and be comfortable, you may not have to worry about minor errors. If your task involves being the light of the world and creating new pathways, you cannot afford the slightest deviation. A foam hitting a moving car is nothing to worry about but when it hits a space shuttle, disaster looms.

By calling on Jesus when fear caused him to begin sinking, Peter recovered immediately and walked on water back to the boat. Your journey through the uncharted does not have to end if you fall. Christ who invites us into the uncharted is also the very present help in trouble who enables you get right back on track when you fall. Isn’t He a no-brainer in a world that desperately needs people bold enough to step out of the boat?

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  1. “Safety is dangerous.” Those three words activated inspiration within me, definitely made me smile for starters. When we focus on so-called limitations, we obviously border on the line of mediocrity. This whole post reminds me of the other scenario after Jesus had resurrected from the dead and he met his disciples on the river who’d been toiling all night without any catch. He simply said, “launch your nets on the right side of the boat,” and after they did it, they made a miraculous discovery of fish which their nets couldn’t even hold. It’s amazing the feats we overcome when we launch out beyond the seemingly impossible (trusting God), because with God, ALL things are indeed possible and there is NOTHING too big for Him. Just what I needed to start my Sunday :)

    • I am blessed to activate inspiration while causing a smile. I love to be playful in the midst of seriousness. I think God is playful, joyful and expressing Him must bring joy, a characteristic of the Spirit.

      Even humanly speaking, when you aim high, you not only transcend limitations you thought existed, you also grow personally. How much more spiritually, when we know nothing is impossible. I think like the other disciples, we are afraid of death or shame, which goes against the call of Christ. He asked us not to hold our lives dear to us. Safety is dangerous.

      The excitement of living is in stepping outside of the boat and doing crazy things. The world needs no less and what have we to lose when Christ is there to hold us should we fall. But often, we want to do what we have always done when there is a world desperately in need of Christlike outliers.

      • Christlike outliers. Exactly!!!!!!! One other thing, I’m sure little children have no problem whatsoever with being such outliers…reminds me again of Jesus telling us to be like the little ones. Such freedom in Christ!

        • Thank you for pointing that out. We have an increasing number of outliers in the world. Going into a theater and shooting at random is being an outlier. I pray there will be more outliers of love. My last tweet says it: hate gets more brazen while love hesitates. Isn’t that an evil under the sun?

          My daughter teaches me a lot about being bold in Christlikeness. She has little sense of shame and does not think impossibilities.

  2. How I understood it: “Break out of your comfort zone. You are called to be an extraordinary person and living your life within the confines of safety will make you remain ordinary; but remember that with extraordinary actions come greater risks and responsibilities therefore, you can’t afford to be careless because slight carelessness can cause a worldwide disaster. For instance; the sun lights the entire world; it cannot afford to shine with less intensity at its own discretion else there will be a major imbalance in nature causing a lot of damage. But you also have to note that you are not perfect, so there’s a chance that you will make mistakes or doubt yourself atimes; but you have me to always fall back on anytime. Keep me in stride with you always and even when you fall, you know that I’ll be there to catch you.”

    Great way to start a new week. Thank you again.
    P.S: I love the way these posts inter-relate with each other.

    • Wow! Wow! Wow! That summarizes the post and touches every part of it. Feyi, God bless you. You tapped into the spirit of the post.

      The best part for me is, “Keep me in stride with you always and even when you fall, you know that I’ll be there to catch you.” That for me is what makes Christ a no-brainer.

      Very profound summary. I encourage everyone to read this summary as it is what the post is about.

  3. Peter asked a tremendous thing of God. No wonder he was chosen to preach the sermon on the Day of Pentecost.
    William Carey said, “Expect great things of God, and attempt great things for God.” Certainly Peter did that! I am afraid most of us are satisfied with little things from God.

    • Thank you for your comment sir. It’s been a while.

      Most of us expect and attempt only what is humanly possible for God. We seem to have more of the form of godliness and deny the power thereof, making the gospel of Christ seem like mere religion and the crosss seem impotent. We never taste the power until we expect and attempt the impossible like Peter did.

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