Step out of the tilted room

If you are born and have lived all your life in a tilted room, you will believe, even “know” that you are in a level room because you will have no frame of reference other than the tilted room.

If anyone tells you the room is tilted, you will deny it not because you are being unreasonable but because you are sincerely ignorant of any other reality. You will not know that you are standing at a 19 degrees tilt for example. Relative to everything else around you, there is no tilt. 

Because in reality you are tilted, you will experience vertigo and the structures around you will be as unstable as the room itself but you will think that is the way life is. Disorientation, instability, peaks and troughs, are normal. It takes an outsider to tell you the room is tilted and even when he does, you will need courage to believe what you have never experienced.

In reality, instability proves stability. The room and everything in it is unstable simply because it is tilted on a level surface. Disease proves a healthy universe, scarcity proves abundance.

We are all born into a tilted room and so we believe the universe itself is tilted. The solutions we propose to our disorientation and instability are themselves tilted. This room is tilted. Christ came to invite us out into reality but those who received Him and those who have not, view Him through religious lenses when He stated clearly that He was reality.

The idea that money is a quantity without which nothing can happen on a planet created and maintained without money, indicates a tilted room. We believe “in the beginning was money, without which nothing can transpire” and He says to us “No, in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God, without whom nothing was made.” That is an invitation outside of the tilted room.

Full disclosure: I borrowed the idea of the tilted room. I heard it for the first time from Nina Simmons at the SVN meeting in Washington a few days ago and I thought it was a brilliant metaphor for the state of our lives and the world.

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  1. Quite right Tolu.
    Unfortunately humanity is flawed (resulting from errors reproducing errors ;and this has been going on  for thousands of years).   

  2. This is powerful Tolu.

    I hope writing books is one of your future projects :)

    I love everything in the post, but especially the last part about money. 

    Even as believers, we often get it wrong, don’t we? We go for the power of money, not for the power in His word. We actually badger Him to release more money to advance His Kingdom..all the while He sits back and wonders when we’ll get that that  what we need most is His Word alive in us..and the rest shall be added to us.

    Great thoughts Tolu, as always. 

    • Thank you Ngina for the kind words. Yes, writing books is a future project.

      Isn’t it interesting how we limit God and hence ourselves to money, thinking that God has to use money to fulfill his own agenda? May we come out of the darkness into the light. May we begin to think like God thinks. May we step out of the tilted room.

    • Amen. That surely needs prayer for one of the hardest things to do is understand that we are in a tilted room, that what we call reality is not reality, that what we call life is really death. I still return to my question, what then is life? Truly, eye has not seen, ear has not heard…

      You can imagine how hard it must be if there is nothing else to compare to. Instabilities will be normal. Evil will be normal. But thank God someone came and said, “I am the reality…” I believe Him because no one else has successfully claimed that title, a title that surely needed to be claimed.

  3. Scripture teaches that we are totally
    depraved—tainted with sin in every aspect of our being (Rom.
    3:10–18). People who doubt this doctrine often ask, “How can people who are
    supposedly totally depraved enjoy beauty, have a sense of right and wrong, know
    the pangs of a wounded conscience, or produce great works of art and literature?
    Aren’t these accomplishments of humanity proof that the human race is
    essentially good? Don’t these things testify to the basic goodness of human
    And the answer is no. Human nature is utterly corrupt. “There is none
    righteous, not even one” (Rom. 3:10).
    “The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick” (Jer. 17:9). Unregenerate men and women are “dead in …
    trespasses and sins” (Eph. 2:1). All
    people are by nature “foolish … disobedient, deceived, enslaved to various lusts
    and pleasures, spending [their lives] in malice” (Titus 3:3).
    This is true of all alike, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of
    God” (Rom. 3:23).

    Like fish in water….all those outside of Christ are saturated with sin.
    Sorry for going off subject..but your tilted house reminded me of who I was before God saved me.

    • Thank you for always going beneath what is written.

      A.nd one question I have been asking for a while is’ “If all this is death,what s life”, a question I devoted a blog post to – “What is life?”

      To be honest, I see amazing works of art, poetry, prose and even technological products and physical designs by human beings, many of who do not know Christ. If all ths is death, which it is and we can actually prove it intellectually because it is the truth, what is life?

      Those of us who know Christ ought to be showing what life is. The problem the world faces is how Christ is perceived. I think most view Him with a religious lens – believers and unbelievers, when He proclaimed with His own mouth, “I am the way, the reality and the life.”

      •  The amazing works of the unregenerate….is God’s “common” grace. If God would withdrawl His common grace…..the world would self destuct. Man is totally depraved outside God saving them.

        Also….I respectfully disagree that the worlds problem is how Christ is percieved. The worlds problem is.. man hates the God of the Bible and loves sin. If a person is dead he is dead. It is not anymore easy to take the first step than to take a thousand. Only God can raise a dead sinner to life.

        What is real “Life”? Dying to self.. and being conformed.. more and more to the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bringing glory to God is as good as it gets. Too many people think God is all about us…no..He is all about Himself!

        • Sir, I like your comments for their provocativeness.

          That grace though common is grace I cannot produce on my own. I revere Him even more for loving even those who deny His existence. Common grace flows from Love just as amazing grace does, which sent the Creator to the cross, in my view.

          I learn from you when you disagree with me, so thank you. 

          This is where my statement originates: I was once a lover of sin until I saw that i needed rescue and Christ could rescue me, until I saw Him as my savior. Even as a believer, I believe my life is limited to how I see Christ. If I see Him as a religious figure, it is impossible to love Him and worship Him in spirit and in truth. I would then still need to seek a god elsewhere, which could be mammon.

          Jesus asked “Who do men say that I am”. The answer to the question was obviously important. 

          Jesus could not minister in His hometown because of how He was perceived.

          He constantly called attention to His divine identity, to the annoyance of the religious folk.

          He came into the world He made and His own creatures did not receive Him because they did not know Him.

          I believe people hate the God of the Bible and love sin mostly because the god of this world has succeeded in blinding minds from seeing how much God loves them, from seeing that Christ is the way, the truth and the life.  If the deceiver succeeds in making the world classify Christ as a prophet or teacher, He cannot be savior or God. I therefore think our individual perception of Christ is pivotal. And that for me is another way of saying our perception of the truth is pivotal.

          This is where I am coming from.

          I agree that God is about Himself. But Himself is about us. He is Love, which seeketh not her own. Himself died not for Himself but for us. Himself is “mind-full” of man. Himself ever lives to make intercession for us. He is about Himself but I am grateful to Him that Himself gave His life up for me, you, us.

          Thank you for your comment, which deserves a separate blog post or a book…

  4. Tolu- Very wonderful reminder. Now as I sit here I know that when I think I know something, chances are I am viewing it within a tilted room. There is humility in this reminder. 
    -God’s best to you and your family!

    • Thank you Ella.  It is great to have you here again. 

      I came to that realization too – what I see and how I see it is not necessarily reality, until I step out of the tilted room. Stepping out of the tilted room is simply knowing the truth.

      Blessings to you and your family too.

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  6. Meeennn! Seriously bro. This post for me is just one of those let’s stop and recalibrate moments. There is now no doubt in my heart that there are aspects of my life that I still live out in the tilted room. I will definitely be spending time reflecting on this post and humbly asking the Spirit of God to work in those areas of my life to bring them in alignment with God’s design. I think one of the most profound examples you used was that of money. The universe was created without it. The universe is maintained without it. Yet, we live as though we cannot live without it. Fantastic. Thanks bro

    • Thank you Watchman for allowing yourself to be touched by this as I was touched by it. We all live too often nf for too long in the tilted room. We emerge from it when the truth dawns on us. May we emerge from the money trap.

    • Thank you Watchman for allowing yourself to be touched by this as I was touched by it. We all live too often and for too long in the tilted room. We emerge from it when the truth dawns on us. May we emerge from the money trap. How naija?

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