Stop the noise, produce results

I am certain God did not have to shout at the top of His lungs to bring into being the heavens and the earth nor did Jesus shout over the storm to silence it. How much noise is needed to create a solar system or stop a storm?

True strength does not lend itself to noise. When you have it, you do not need to make noise. When you lack it, you expend your little energy making noise instead of producing results. Noise does not necessarily indicate action nor does quietness mean inaction.

There is much noise in the world today, individually and collectively, which speaks more to our incompetence and ignorance than the intensity of the woes we face. True capability is quiet and that is why God Almighty reveals Himself in the still small voice.

It was said concerning Jesus Christ, “He will not quarrel or cry out; no one will hear his voice in the streets.  A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out,  till he has brought justice through to victory.” I want to devote my life to that way of being.

I so love this from the scriptures, “In returning and in rest shall you be saved, in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” Very consistent with the nature of God.

Noise or violence of any sort is evidence of a fallen civilization. In our true estate, we do not need bulldozers to move mountains, we need words spoken quietly but backed up by the very power that brought the universe into existence. I realized recently that almost everything Jesus did while He was here, He did with words.

The problem is not the mountain but inability to access mountain-moving power. Thankfully, that power can be accessed right where you are, right now. Anyone can learn how to access it just like we learn anything else.

I have quietly spoken words that fulfilled their purpose continents away, simply by acting on Jesus’ words, “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will tell this mountain to move and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Would you please stop the noise and produce results? If noise is not working, go and learn what works and stop making noise.

5 thoughts on “Stop the noise, produce results

  1. Love this post. It rings with the truth of God. I feel God telling me that my prayers prayed in faith are the “road pavers”. As I sit with God, asking for His will, He prepares the way. As I allow the Holy Spirit full access and control, He prays for and through me. This is what moves mountains!! It is in our quiet times with God, that He speaks. Then, after being filled with His Spirit, we can go forth in love and peace, doing His will.

    May Jesus, the Word, run swiftly throughout the earth. He is Power. He is Love! May our lives serve Him and His purpose in every way.

  2. I find your response speaking to what I am realizing about prayer – “road pavers.” God bless you for that. Jesus did not pray at Lazarus tomb or at the feeding of the five thousand or in the face of any other matter that required action. The prayer happened before. The prayer was just what you said, a road paver. We sometimes mistake prayer for the action when it is only preparation for action.

    I love this: “It is in our quiet times with God, that He speaks. Then, after being filled with His Spirit, we can go forth in love and peace, doing His will”. That is what we need, not noise. We pray, listen, be filled and then go and act. Thank you Natalie.

  3. In Revalation 8:1……you will find “The Longest Silence”. This silence marks the transition from grace to judgement. As someone has said…”The steps of God from mercy to judgement are always slow. reluctant, and measured.” 
     BTW-that silence in heaven proves there are no women there….just kidding:-) 

      • “The steps of God from mercy to judgement are always slow, reluctant and measured.” That is deep and rich. Wow. I am meditating on it and I could write volumes of reflections on that. Thank you.

        I will not allow myself to repeat what you said about women lest I be implicated…I am innocent. Thanks for having fun here. I appreciate it.

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