Take the plunge

This morning, while walking from Tofunmi’s daycare to the office, I was thinking of my experiences of God and divine interventions, while thinking of the things I presently need divine intervention for. I realize that I experience God quite often and even though I am just a layman, God is much more than a thought or an invention of human beings.

For example, in getting Tofunmi’s daycare, we bypassed the usual Montreal waiting period of several years, in a city where names are added to the waiting list at times before the child is born. We secured a space in one day, at a daycare that is walking distance from our office. For me, that was pure divine intervention, actively and intentionally sought.

The thought came to me, that we cannot experience God, we cannot know God, we cannot experience God’s interventions if we do not let go completely of “evidences” that God does not exist. God cannot be experienced if we have the slightest doubt that he exists. Divine intervention can only occur if God becomes our only hope. If we have a fall-back option, we cannot experience God’s intervention. I think this is why some people are “convinced” that God does not exist.

God reveals himself to people who want to know him, who seek him diligently, are convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that he exists and know that they will be rewarded for their seeking. I believe that knowing and experiencing God requires taking the plunge, so that unless he comes through for us, we will fail.

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