Taking a risk with brevity

Today, I have the honor of writing a guest post on The Handwritten, a very unque blog by Michael Perkins, who has been an inspiration on many fronts. Please visit Michael’s blog and download his handwritten e-book, a very succinct handwritten book but packed with truths. Michael handwrites volumes in a few words.

I am a natural risk taker but Michael inspires me to take risks with handwriting and to take risks with brevity. To trust the Spirit to communicate the depths of what He is saying through me, in a way I could never do. I am finding out the joys of brevity.

By the way, Michael also designs websites. He designed this blog. Talk to him if you need help with your website or blog.

6 thoughts on “Taking a risk with brevity

  1. Tolu, loved your guest post.
    It reminds of the two most simple and direct words I love to linger over, when I come to them in the Bible, and they always bring a lump to my throat.

    “Follow me!”

    I echo the comment of Watchman.

    Have a blessed day.

    • Thank you for shining the light on those two words. Like every word from the Master, they are full of life and richness and I intend to join you in lingering and pondering over them.

      I am honored, Carole.

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