This morning during my quiet time, I got to a point in my appreciation and contemplation of God where I bursted into tears. These were not tears of sorrow but of joy, rapture, ecstasy if one may use the word.

I think real tears happen when words become insufficient to express what we feel. Tears, I think are a form of expression. Sadness and sorrow often overflow into tears. However, joy also overflows into tears, when words fail.

The Bible refers to a joy that is “unspeakable, full of glory”. I think what I tasted this morning and which I taste often is joy unspeakable, full of glory. I think it is a foretaste of heaven – inexpressible joy that is incomparable to anything else. It should not be traded for anything else.

It does not occur because all is well around me but because I have a taste available to all, of what communion with God is like and what it feels like to be enveloped by God’s presence. It is very fragile so must be guarded by doing what pleases God – love.

Those tears speak louder than words, I think, before God. I love being in the place where joy overflows into tears. In a sense, they are a form of renewal that gives me the strength to face whatever I need to face day-to-day and it creates a serenity that is impenetrable to circumstances. They are tears of joy that occur when time and eternity intersect, we are momentarily awash with God’s goodness and experience the wonder that is God.

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