Shock, awe and surrender

Terrorism is a reality between individuals, in families, in schools, at work and in places of worship. It is a reality between groups of people with differing world views and ideologies and we are all affected directly or indirectly.

From a Cleaner lens, isn’t terrorism a manifestation of intangible dirt? If it is not a manifestation of dirt, what is terrorism from a Cleaner lens? If it is a kind of dirt how do we clean it, how do we respond to it? With terrorism? If not with terrorism, how?

When we respond, which we must, what are the necessary steps to take if we are responding as Cleaners whose task is to meet ugliness and leave it beautiful?

But we must be careful because the moment we identify anything as dirt, we are saying it can be cleaned, it can be removed and there is something more potent than it, which can neutralize its source.

How did Christ respond to and arrest Saul the terrorist? How did he achieve shock, awe and surrender? With weapons of war or with omnipotent words that drip compassion? Listen for the pain and the absolute vulnerability, absolute power, absolute authority in Jesus’ voice as He called Saul twice. Listen for the instant surrender it evoked in Saul the terrorist, weaponslessly.

Jesus: “Saul! Saul! Why do you persecute me?”
Paul: “Who are you, Lord?”
Jesus: “I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting.”
Paul: “What shall I do, Lord?“
Jesus: “Get up and go into Damascus. There you will be told all that you have been assigned to do.”

Armies were not deployed yet there was shock, awe and surrender. His admittance of Love’s Lordship and Supremacy was instant with just a conversation that may have lasted one minute!

Maybe, just maybe we need to set aside religion and sit at the feet of this Man, this Cleaner, Yeshua.

How did Christ instruct us to respond to those who hurt us? With fear? How did He respond to His killers on the cross? No we do not have to respond like Christ unless our intention is to follow Him.

His example is counterintuitive and a little hard to follow. His example shows that what conquers the world is not armies and tanks and atomic bombs but a slain lamb.

A slain lamb.

What conquers violence and terrorism is a lamb that was slain, not a wounded lion on a rampage. Selah. Selah means “pause and calmly reflect on it.”

That “Selah” is an eternal one because the significance and meaning behind that may take eternity to unravel.

A lamb is already defenceless and harmless. To add insult to injury, a defenceless and harmless being is slaughtered. And that is what overcomes the world and all its stealing, killing and destruction? This is not 2+2=4.

From my very little understanding, fear has never eradicated fear, which is at the root of terrorism. From my little understanding, it is impossible to be and to feel enveloped in love and then bully or terrorize another. From my very little understanding, no other Cleaner has been found for fear, nothing else swallows up fear in victory but Perfect Love, which the lamb epitomizes.

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