Thank God it’s Monday

It is hard for work to be purely economic or intellectual without slowly deadening ourselves. Living spirits can look forward to Mondays when they are fully engaged in the work they do, when they work from the heart not just from their head or with their bodies, devoid of love, joy, peace and every quality of a living spirit.

Which human being looks forward to going to a job stripped of love and joy? No wonder we look forward to Fridays. If we spend so much time at work, why shortchange ourselves and fellow human beings by disconnecting our hearts from what we do? Why would employers shortchange themselves and their people by creating sterilized environments?

Working with and from our hearts, we not only love God and man, we cannot but be fully creative whether we are garbage collectors or CEOs and it is often easier for the garbage collector to be creative than the CEO just because the Creator delights in working with the seemingly insignificant.

When work is done from the heart, it is no longer just a job but is as enriching, as joy-giving as worship or play. It is no longer an opportunity to make a living thereby imprisoning our spirits but our opportunity to love, to create, our “excuse” to seek first the kingdom of God, to release our spirits and bring the infinitely creative Spirit of God into a space. Work becomes an opportunity to fulfill the purpose of our existence. In addition, it cannot but be profitable because every human was designed to gravitate towards love, joy and peace.

Everything we do can be done from the heart, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit whose temple we are privileged to be if Christ dwells within. That is where we want to live because it is promising for the present and for eternity. If we happen to be caught away in the process, it becomes a mere transition from heaven to heaven. For want of a better way of putting it, you have the best of both worlds.

Thank God it’s Monday.

9 thoughts on “Thank God it’s Monday

  1. Great thoughts Tolu, as always.

    Love this point – that God loves working with the seemingly insignificant. I really believe that He delights in working through “small” people. He likes confounding the wise.

    Many small people also get that its not their power , but God’s (ofcourse they need reminders along the road too).

    This has always been my joy and encouragement in my purpose pursuit.

  2. Hey Tolu, for the first time ever, I’m giving you *side eye*. Why? Because I’m not sure I followed your thoughts here. Doing ANYTHING from the heart requires that FIRST, you must love that thing and I don’t believe that you can start enjoying something you didn’t like before except you are pretending. So first, it’s about doing what you absolutely love, and then the Spirit boosts your creativity and then the satisfaction, enjoyment, etc. will follow. 

    But then again, I don’t think this was the point of the whole post; I couldn’t follow it. Sorry.

    • @almaronaldo, thank you for comment. I like *side eyes*. No need to be sorry, I am usually stoked by comments like this as they help to connect dots and they bring more understanding.

      In a way your comment supports the post. Yes, we can say doing anything from the heart requires that you first love the thing but I believe we can also say that loving anything requires first of all doing it from the heart. How come? Love is a quality of the heart and you cannot love without your heart being involved. 

      By heart, I mean the spirit that is connected to the Infinite, which sees what the senses cannot. Even if I am involved in something i do not love, bringing my heart into it can help me see ways I can shape it into something I love. I once defined creativity as the ability to use whatever I have to bring into being whatever I desire. And inherent in creativity is joy unspeakable. I may have a job that i do not like but a creative spirit is able to make beauty out of decadence.

      Perhaps one reason I do not love what i do is I may be looking at it from a limited economic or intellectual standpoint. If I look at it more holistically (spiritually), I will realize for example, that I am not just a garbage collector, but a creator of beauty and that leads to all manner of previously unseen pathways. If I see my self as a producer of gadgets, I may hate the job but if I see myself as helping people to do more with less thereby leading to more fulfilled lives, there is a tendency to love my work and be fully creative. One way to have a more holistic perspective is to see the human beings that our “jobs” connect with – they are they ones we are serving even if we wash toilets. If we follow the “love your neighbor as you love your self” law and bring it into the mix, exciting, amazing, joyful possibilities cannot but emerge and we cannot but be creative.

      It is impossible to see the big picture without the heart being involved and the big picture involves people and eternity, not projects, not jobs, not tasks. Jobs then mutate into callings and intersect with purpose.

      This may very well illustrate what I am saying and what the post is about, which your comment helps to bring out more:

      “One day a traveller, walking along a lane, came across 3 stonecutters working in a quarry. Each was busy cutting a block of stone. Interested to find out what they were working on, he asked the first stonecutter what he was doing. “I am cutting a stone!” Still no wiser the traveller turned to the second stonecutter and asked him what he was doing. “I am cutting this block of stone to make sure that it’s square, and its dimensions are uniform, so that it will fit exactly in its place in a wall.” A bit closer to finding out what the stonecutters were working on but still unclear, the traveller turned to the third stonecutter. He seemed to be the happiest of the three and when asked what he was doing replied: “I am building a cathedral.” “

      • Hi Tolu, once again we turn the comment section into the main blog post.

        “Jobs then mutate into callings and intersect with purpose.” I have to agree on one thing, the big picture is key to having a ‘TGIM’ Monday mindset as opposed to ‘TGIF’ Friday mindset. When we know that we are building the cathedral and take the tasks that seem small as really part of a grand beautiful end design, then the now seems only part of the journey we go through.

        There is a reason why we are in the jobs we are in. It does tie in to a bigger end which as you’ve shared involves people and eternity. Do you have a book out with all this information by any chance? I am clearly making one myself by collecting your posts. I am blessed today just reading this. It’s a Monday, and I can proudly say Thank God it’s Monday (TGIM) looking at the big picture.

        • Thank you Maureen. Books are in the pipeline.

          My post of today speaks somewhat to this. If our jobs are lifeless, we ought to breathe life to them if we functioned in God’s image.

          We cannot look at the big picture, involving people and eternity and not thank God it’s Wednesday

    • And I hope it goes without saying that there may be times when honesty and courage which are qualities of the heart, require that I leave a job I do not feel engaged in, a job I do not love, that is not in alignment with my calling or makes the world worse than it is, if I feel I cannot make a difference.

      Why continue to torture oneself when life ticks away second by second and there is no second chance to live a life whose ending we do not know?

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