The art of unseriousness

The universe was created for play, joy, pleasure, reckless abandon. Go into the wild and observe the plants and animals at play, free of care. If not for sin and death, there would be no seriousness in the universe.

As blasphemous as it may sound, God is playful. We know by observing the things He created. They exist and were created for no other purpose but pure pleasure. He does not need anyone to toil for anything, He only wants us all to abandon ourselves into His care, like the flowers and birds Christ invites us to emulate.

Praise is playful. Unlike many in the old testament, David saw beyond the stringent laws and commandments to the playful heart of God. He is more at home with children than with adults, because they know how to play. God inhabits praises, not prayers or fasting.

David once danced before the Lord so excessively that His wife Michal despised him for shamelessly uncovering himself “like one of the vain fellows.” I love David’s response – “I will play before the Lord and will yet be more vile than thus.” He tapped into God’s heart of play the way no one had ever done. David was a man after God’s heart, a heart of play.

We were not designed for seriousness and anxiety but for play. Seriousness makes us lazy because it tires us out quickly. If you want to know how hard and creatively you can work, just make your work playful. You will need help to come out of it. 

Seriousness comes from the perception that all is not well and we need to fend for ourselves. Playfulness is from the premise that all is well and there is a Father who takes care of us, who has given us infinitely  more than we will ever need from now through eternity.

Recovering the art of unseriousness, the art of play, of praise, of worship, the art of abandon, of taking no thought for our lives makes our earthly existence much more colorful. There will be no prayer or fasting in eternity but unending and pure unseriousness. This is where we prepare for it. 

9 thoughts on “The art of unseriousness

  1. This is where we prepare for it. Yes, it is. It’s amazing how a child lets go and plays so easily, especially when he knows mummy and daddy are near-by should any crazy thing happen. Oh, if we can only be like children in the presence of our loving Father. I’m making this post my favorite on the side-bar of the Lamp Blog. I love it.

    • If we can only be like children in the presence of our loving Father, totally abandoned to His care. Only someone who thinks like a child can decide to walk on water. My daughter incidentally asked us to walk on water 2 days ago…..hahaha. We forget often that Peter also walked on water. If you examine the conversation between Peter and Jesus, you will detect elements of play and unseriousness in it. When Peter was playing along, he walked on water but when he got serious, he started to sink. Food for thought. The good thing is when we abandon ourselves like children and entertain no fear whatsoever, our heavenly father is there to hold us.

      Thank you Jaycee for the acknowledgement. I appreciate it.

  2. This post underscores the importance of Jesus saying “I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”
    Indeed, this is where we are honed for the playground of eternity.

    Eternity is already in session and as we live life with expectancy and a sense of adventure rather than predefined expectations, we are more inclined to enter the rest of God…Gracias much

    • “This is where we are honed for the playground of eternity.” “Eternity is already in session.” Wa sere. It is in session, fully in session. Life is best lived with a sense of adventure, facing the unknown, not knowing what is coming but certain that it will be in your favour because your Daddy made the universe and owns the world. May that sink into us so we stop misbehaving all over the place.

      One of my best quotes is this: “The meaning of our lives emerges in the surrender of ourselves to an adventure of becoming who we are not yet.”

      • Amen ooh, may we truly rest in our Daddy’s playground and stop misbehaving indeed. Love the last quote, need to share it please. Love the exposition you gave on Peter and Jesus below

        I pray we abandon ourselves totally to God. Amen

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