The Art of War

Years ago when I discovered Sun Tzu’s “Art of War,” I devoured it because I like strategy, from first principles. Business involves strategy and life involves strategy. One of the principles I loved in Sun Tzu’s book is winning a battle without fighting and without casualties. It is much more efficient, less costly to take the enemy’s forces without confrontation.

I read the book like all books I read, with the mindset of God’s child, engaged in battle, not with human beings but against unseen malevolent spirits. I had to look at God’s battle strategy. I am convinced the greatest strategy ever executed by God was the strategy of redemption. It is mind staggering how God pulled it off.

Man had sinned and it would take Man, not God, to redeem man. By nature, Man was under the thralldom of the spirit we know as the devil. Redemption was impossible, evil had won and the devil knew it.

God’s strategy involved him offering to become a man. How silly, the enemy must have thought. This is a done deal, he thought. However, just so he would not take chances, he arranged for all baby boys born around the time of the birth of the God-child to be killed. He was of course outwitted, although there was a genocide. But, the enemy was still confident that as a human, this God-man will go the way of the first Adam.

The God-man was even a descendant of David, Rahab and Judah, so he had human weaknesses, frailties and sin in his DNA. He came after this God-man with every temptation in the book. He unleashed hordes of little demons on him, to wear him out. That did not work either. Desperate, he decided to unleash his best weapon, death. An extremely gruesome death.

The enemy succeeded, and there was jubilation in hell. Humanity was lost forever. Their redeemer had been killed.

The enemy quickly realized he had not only been outwitted, he had been used! His tactics and strategies in trying to defeat God were employed by the only wise God, to achieve His objectives. Wow! Now, that beats Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” hands down. War becomes exciting when your enemy’s attempts to destroy you not only help your cause but also seal his doom. God used death to conquer death, to redeem humanity and to permanently incapacitate the enemy of our souls.

From God’s perspective, there is no engagement per se with evil. It is simply a question of a very limited power against all power in heaven and on earth, a very finite and corrupted wisdom against infinite wisdom.

Hey, who created the field of battle? You have to somewhat be out of your senses to be engaged in battle with the person who not only created the battle field but also his opponent. It causes laughter in heaven. I think this is what it looks like when we are on God’s side facing the enemy. With this understanding, you can sit back and enjoy the movie.

3 thoughts on “The Art of War

  1. [Life involves strategy.]Creation involved strategy. The Spirit of God hovered, waiting for the perfect time. There was a sequence to the whole event. Life then became deliberate, not accidental.[The strategy of redemption.]God taught us a valuable lesson, how to hit below the belt. It wasn’t until Jesus went down to Hades and took the keys of life before the devil realized he’d been checkmated. It’s like twisting the arm of a man holding a gun, pointing the gun back in his face and pulling the trigger. Boom!The devil never learns. He tried to kill all males during the time of Moses and that didn’t stop the deliverer, in fact, it propelled him to the palace. Then he tried during Jesus' time and that dealt him the worst blow ever.Regardless of the many battles we face, the war has already been won. We ought to enforce that.[God used man to redeem man.] I love that, intensely.

  2. Thank you MOH.The devil was checkmated and we can checkmate him too, all the time, if we realize that He never learns. He uses the same strategies over and over again so we do not have to be ignorant of his devices. If we rely on God and the finished work, we can enjoy victory in every battle.

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