The danger zone

People are sacrificing themselves for evil and those called to be the light of the world are trying to preserve their lives and reputations. Hate, lust, greed and murder seem to be getting bolder while light bearers are increasingly afraid to step out of the boat.

Are we not hypocrites if we seek safety when the One who called us to follow Him, loved not His life unto death? Following Christ is totally unsafe, completely risky and unsettling to the present order including the religious.

The BBC documentary, Auschwitz gives a glimpse into the dedication, the planning, the thinking invested in creating a machinery of hate and slaughter. Watching it was as chilling as visiting one of the Rwandan genocide memorials where thousands of skulls are on display in the church where they were slaughtered, in a very religious country.

We have an enormous capacity for evil and are getting more extravagant about it. The Colorado shooting and the many others that have followed are extravagant displays of evil.

How can darkness be so audacious while light cowers? How can hate flourish as love flounders? These questions answer themselves. We restrain ourselves from doing good in small and big ways, at home and abroad. We remain in the safety of the boat when the caller said “all power in heaven and on earth has been given unto me.”

The safer zone is the danger zone.

Darkness is not the problem, light bearers are.

What stops us from creating systems of kindness where life, light and love are in the details? What keeps us from extravagant love? Where should love be excluded from if we follow Christ? From business, work? When and who should we refrain from loving? Who does Christ not love?

Hate seems more potent, greed seems more profitable and love seems weak and unprofitable only because we are in a tilted room. The reality is there is no real profit outside love. Love is infinitely creative and omnipotent. The reality is “Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world” if Christ dwells in you.

The danger zone is the safer zone.

8 thoughts on “The danger zone

  1. I have to admit to you that in these times, love does seem weak. And it is true that light-bearers seem to be cowering in fear. I am in the U.S and every day there’s news of one shooting or the other, and in this light I agree that darkness seems so audacious in these times. To tell you the truth, I am speechless. I do believe Christians are praying all over the nation (and the world), but we all need to take it a notch higher and transform Christ’s light into pure, serious, determined action. These are indeed ‘perilous times’ since foresighted in the Word of God. There can be no love without action and there’s no light without a switch in the ‘on’ direction. This post is SO relevant.

    • Thank you Jaycee. It will be ungodly to be unconcerned.

      I love this: “transform Christ’s light into pure, serous, determined action.” I think that is what perilious times call for. These are perilious times but to be honest, these are exciting times. There is not better time to be a follower of Christ. The world is at its wits end. The whole of creation is groaning awaiting the sons of God to step up to the plate.

      I do not think there is a better time to be alive as a light bearer. “Arise, shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you” says Is60. Why? “For the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people but the Lord shall arise upon you and his glory shall be seen upon you.”

      This is the time for the greater works Christ promised. He spent a lot of time praying but we know more of His acts than His prayers. Prayers cannot replace love actions but must undergird our actions. I came to the conclusion that I must move from having prayer time to being in constant communion with God. There is no other way to deal with the onslaught of evil we are confronted with today. Having said that, these times are exciting. Like David, we should run towards this Goliath because we do not have our own armor but God’s.

  2. Man really is totally depraved outside of Christ. If God were to pull back His common grace from this world…..we would self destruct.
    His people have always been a remnant…..and always will be. He warned us of the last days….and it will continue to get worse.
    It’s interesting that faith…hope…and love are the vital parts of the believer’s life. There
    would be no hope if all were realized. Someday hope will pass away in
    realization. In fact..both faith and hope will pass away in the glory which
    shall be revealed in us. Only love abides forever.

    • And we see more of the manifestation of man’s depravity. We need to see more manifestation of God’s sons.

      As I commented to Jaycee, these times call for greater works. The scriptures that tell us about the times we are in also tell us how equipped we are. We are carriers of God, we are the light of the world, the salt of the earth, joint heirs with Christ, seated with Him having access to God’s own armor.

      Gross darkness has been foretold but it does not have to exist in our domains. If it does, it is no longer the fault of darkness but our refusal to shine. Decadence in our domains is not the fault of corruption but our refusal to be salt, even though it is foretold in scriptures.

      Ministers of evil are working hard to create hell on earth. Ambassadors of Christ (Love) should be creating heaven on earth, giving mankind a foretaste of what is to come when Christ appears. A foretaste of Love, which is hard for any human to resist in its pure form.

  3. Recently I was thinking about the need for me to look beyond my own dreams, the importance of not being blind to the gravity of things around me. I cannot afford to be blind to the issues around me

    I started thinking about how God has made things “easier” for us i.e. we have access to Him all the time. We are blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. As He is so I am. We have all that we need for life and godliness.

    God didn’t make all these available for us to waste. His free gift of righteousness and the abundant provision of His grace is for us to shine, so that nations and their Kings will come to the light that is Christ

    It will be wise for me to realize that “this Potter’s agenda infinitely transcends me and my lifetime.” And Love is His agenda, nay, Love is His essence

    There is much work to be done, serious, pure and determined action like Jaycee put it. May our focus on God never waver, may we indeed become like Children, shameless and bold for this gospel of Love

    Thank you Tolu a relevant and timely post

    • God is love. Love is the sum total of God’s nature and character. Love made Him permanently become one of us. Love made Him elevate us to the highest place in the universe, seated at His right hand where angels do not even sit. We are so blessed we need help to believe it.

      Love also has to be our essence and the thing we are known for in a world where love is precisely what is missing. May we be true emissaries of Love.

  4. “Darkness is not the problem, light bearers are.” How we like to exclaim at bad news. It would help to know that the battle over darkness has already been won but as you’ve alluded to we need to step out into the danger zone, the murky waters of action and fold our sleeves to begin work. I believe it all starts with faith and love. Faith to step out of the boat and the belief that Jesus is in me.

    For love __ Maybe we think by loving we lose our power! That by withholding love we retain the power over evil, over those we think don’t deserve love. If only we remember God’s love towards us was and is unrestrained. Tolu, timely post. The onus is on the light bearers to take action.

    • I believe we actually lose our power when we withhold love from anyone, even the people we think do not deserve love. Which of us deserves love? Who deserves that Christ should die for them? Love is of God. Love is God loving through us and when we block Love, we block God from our lives by keeping Him from others.

      As Ike said, Love abides for eternity, even after there is no more sin and no more need for faith or knowledge. Love transcends time. Love acts. Love is omnipotent. Jesus healed and provided for everyone round Him, drawing on the omnipotency of Love and He invites us to do everything He did and greater things than He did. Nothing is impossible for Love, if only we will act.

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