The end of normal

If our pursuits and our way of being seem meaningless when current events are thrown in the mix, isn’t it an obvious sign that we are way behind the times? If current events have to shock us back to reality, isn’t it a sign that we are being unreal?

The handwriting on the wall is that the game has changed, normal has ended and most of us are playing as though the mystery of evil is not at play. These are unusual times and they call for unusual strategies and tools not business as usual.

Normal is you shoot me and I shoot you or I try passing laws that keep guns away from you or that allow me carry guns so I can “protect” myself from you. This is a Love issue not a legal or a gun issue. Normal is playing the blame game or trying to use intellectual strategies to address issues that are obviously spiritual.

Abnormal is you shoot me and I love you into surrender because your shot has no power over me and I see you as a victim crying out for the love whose channel I am. Only omnipotent love can overcome a system of lust, selfishness and hate.

Normal is you get “spiritual” and are a worshipper only on Sundays. Abnormal is you live Monday to Monday as a warrior spirit and your life and all your activities are acts of worship and anywhere you find yourself is holy ground.

The times when we could get by on normal have ended. This is 2013 not 13BC. The solution to a systemically decadent system has to come from outside it. Christ came from outside and introduced omnipotent love. Nothing less can begin to address the individual and societal challenges we face today and we must address it lest we unwittingly aid evil.

The game has changed, if you have not noticed. Welcome to abnormal. It will get more exciting, more intense and more glorious and only warriors of omnipotent love will thrive in the perilous days ahead.

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