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A few days ago, I joined The High Calling blogs network, a collection of blogs whose vision is “to use new media tools to create opportunities for people to encounter God for the transformation of daily life, work, and the world.” I joined The High Calling because I wanted to come out of my comfort zone, not merely to improve my blogging experience since blogging only happens at the fringes of my existence, but also my earthly experience. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo once said to me, “God will never give you everything you need, because He wants you to connect with other people that have what you need.” I joined THC to connect with people who have what I do not have, and to whom I may contribute something that I do have.

When I saw the logo on histiara, the name, “High Calling” reminded me of God’s invitation to His children. It is The High Calling. It is an invitation up from the lowlands where I am right now to where Christ is. The Way of Life I have chosen to follow requires an upward movement, day to day. The moment I become satisfied with my position, regression sets in. I joined THC because I am unsatisfied, thirsty, panting. Already, I realize I am surrounded by people who have gone much farther than I have. I expect my life to be transformed so my work can be transformed and so I can be a blessing to a world in dire need of it.

God’s calling is upwards, ever upwards. There is a never ending need for improvement, a never ending need to deny myself and carry my cross daily in response to the High Calling. I am not comparing myself with where I used to be but I measure myself against the invitation and I realize how far I am from Christ-likeness. This humbles me. While I may be humbled by my beginnings, I am much more humbled by where I want to be because I realize how far it is from here. I am so far from Christ-likeness (as an individual, husband, father, entrepreneur living just one life expressed in many different roles) that I need God and other human beings, including those who may not acknowledge God at all, to keep making progress, just as much as others need me, to make progress.

Responding to the high calling of God, we never “arrive.” We are willing to say “please teach me,” willing to look weak and imperfect, willing to be corrected. It can be slightly uncomfortable and I say slightly only because it is incomparable to the weight of glory that we experience every step of the way, which energizes and spurs us on, leading to new heights that never end while we are here. The farther we go, the farther there is to go and while this could create despondency, it should lead to dependency, on God. The One who gave the invitation is Love. He knows that in union with Him, we will` overcome all the obstacles, weaknesses and temptations along the way. Also, I can never go far without constantly realizing how far there is to go.

Joining THC is an outward manifestation of an inner step I am taking upwards in response to God’s invitation. I am going higher in my life, in my walk, in my earthly experience, ready to do things I have never done before, ready to tap into talents and potentials that were hitherto latent and dormant, ready to look weak and imperfect, ready to present myself to God, a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to Him. I realize that there is a price and a cross but I also know there is a prize and a crown.

My way is far, very far and I think yours is too. On a lighter note, in the book, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” I saw this: “I am not okay, you are not okay and that is okay.” Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you as I speak to me.

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  1. The people in The High Calling network have contributed to my life in ways I never imagined. They spur me on to good works, and many have become friends I've not yet met in person. I'm glad to see you jumping in! I'm thankful we're not on this journey alone. By the way, your post resonates with me so much about the things God is teaching me these days: dying to self, responding to God's invitation and I loved the part about God connecting us with others who have what we need and vice versa. Welcome, again, to The High Calling network.

  2. Tolu…Thank you for your post. I am really honored to read about a man…a man after God's own Heart. Your statement: "I am so far from Christ-likeness (as an individual, husband, father, entrepreneur living just one life expressed in many different roles) that I need God and other human beings, including those who may not acknowledge God at all, to keep making progress, just as much as others need me, to make progress." I totally agree and see for myself as doing the same. And I am sure glad that God put people like you to help through it all!

  3. Cheryl, thank you for your comments. I am glad to belong to a network where one is spurred on to good works. That helps me press on because I need all the help I can get from those who have been where I need to be. Thank you.

  4. Caroline, thank you for your comments. I am sure you will believe me if I tell you that you and James are part of the inspiration for this post. Spending time with you both stirred Ronke and I up – just what we needed and what I need at this point in my walk. Thank you both for being a gift to Ronke and I and to Christ's body as we all press towards Christ-likeness.

  5. Tolu – This was a wonderful post and such a well-thought out commitment in joining the High Calling. Like Cheryl, above, I have found the people at the High Calling to be the very best at encouraging and spurring on and showing the extent that God goes to sanctify us.Am looking forward to getting to know you more through your blog.

  6. So glad you are part of the High Calling network. May you find friends, fellowship and inspiration. And we look forward to your contributions.David RupertHigh Calling NetworkNewsletter Editor

  7. L.L. Barkat – I am very glad to come along. The combination of thought and laughter, appeal deeply to me. I especially love the possibility of laughter. I am in for a great time.Charity – Thank you. I am blessed. I am already being transformed, from glory to glory for being part of this network and I know greater things are in store for us all.David – Thank you. I love your comments on THC and on other blogs. You have a way of combining thought with laughter. I am convinced I will find "friends, fellowship and inspiration." I feel at times that I have more to learn than to contribute

  8. Thank you for following, Merana. I hope this blog speaks to you, makes you laugh, provokes you and helps you in some way to keep following Jesus so more of us can follow you. And, you are being followed right now. I look forward to visiting your blog more.

  9. Tolu, never heard of the "High calling Network" till now. They say "Iron sharpens iron" so I know that your goal for joining will be realized. As for me, can't wait to continue being blessed from this site.

  10. I really appreciate your trust Bunmi. Because of that, I will continually pursue Christlikeness. As long as I do, you will be blessed for coming here. Thank you.

  11. And when I read this: "We are willing to say "please teach me," willing to look weak and imperfect, willing to be corrected."I paused…'Willing to look weak and imperfect' I realise is no longer a common sight in Christendom, but it should be. We're constantly harassed by a society that equates wit and intelligence with a superior knowledge and understanding of God's ways; which equates, meditative silence and total dependence on God as short-sightedness. We are taught to act, to prove ourselves to a dying world that indeed we're significant and worthy to lead the way. We hide our imperfections, sell the word of God with the perfect sales pitch as though competing to win a bonus or pay rise and leave out the lifestyle, the most important part of our witness.And I pause and reflect and cry out 'Lord, I am nothing without you…nothing.' Like the writings in the sand,, He can let the waves wash my existence away forever or I can choose to go up higher and stay etched/engraved in the palm of His hands knowing I can only be sustained by His grace. And then you concluded: 'The farther we go, the farther there is to go and while this could create despondency, it should lead to dependency, on God.'Although sometimes it's like we're groping in the dark wondering what next Lord, what next? But then His word remains a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, constantly keeping us company and showing us the way to Him.The further and deeper we go with God, the more empty of ourselves we become,the less we realize we do not know of God, the more hungry we become to know Him more and more.What a profound write-up, bro. It made me reflect and destroyed certain ideologies. Bless you.

  12. You know, I could not read your comments just once. I have read it again and will read it again. You have a way of getting to the essence of my posts. Thank you. Every sentence in your comment speaks my heart so there is nothing else for me to say.From my heart I say thank you for being a witness.

  13. My comments on this post are probably coming in late but I just had to commend you for maintaining that teachable spirit that will fuel your hunger and thirst to do more for the kingdom with your writing. God bless you bro. I'm always inspired and humbled by your work. When I grow up I want to be like you!! lol

  14. Setwatchman, I saw your comment this morning. Just so you know, you inspire me and you humble me too. Your comment was humbling. Be like me ke? Wetin I don do yet? Like this post says, our walk is a High Calling – ever upwards. The way home is very far and that is what makes the journey sweet and keeps us humble. I always say I am more humbled by my future than my past.If you want to walk with someone who is very far from being who God has called Him to be but is nevertheless panting after God as the hart pants after the water brooks, please come along and let's walk together. Iron will sharpen iron. But I am sincerely honored that you will say you want to be like me o. Because I think you are already a role model.

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