The money narrative

It is time we stepped out of this narrative:

“In the beginning was money and money reigns supreme in the world. All things depend on money and without money nothing can happen on earth.”

Into this narrative:

“In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. All things were made by the word and without the word was not anything made that was made.”

It does not seem we can be subservient to both Mammon and God at the same time. Money may answer all things but it’s answers are not omniscient because it is a limited social construct and not ultimate reality.

Your peace does not have to flow and ebb according to the funds in your account even when you have a capital project afoot. The resource you need is internal to you, not external to you.

Isn’t it glaring how much Jesus sidestepped markets and nature to make things happen? Yes it was millennia ago but we have a more urgent need to imitate him now than we had when he walked the planet, when the love and worship of money had not produced such unprecedented evil.

At least let’s start to take baby steps in the spoken word narrative and produce results that money can never produce. Lack of money is no excuse to abandon your project unless of course Christ is just a myth.

The word narrative is not about disavowing money or taking a vow of poverty. And no, I am not promoting socialism or any ism. It is an invitation to step out of this false narrative that rich and poor are bound by, into ultimate reality.

The word narrative simply taps into the power quantum physics is only just beginning to peak into and is freaking out scientists. The word narrative taps into the power that made the wealth of the planet and the universe in the first place, the power that makes one rich in every way and creates no sorrow nor cause markets to rise and fall.

The word narrative is so simple it seems silly. It is simply speaking with absolute conviction, just the way it is reported that our universe came into being and the way Jesus spoke to trees, storms and diseases, sidestepping ecosystems and economies as needed.

In scripture, not only physical matter got rearranged with words. Economic depression got reversed overnight when a non-economist did something as silly as speak what was desired. Words of conviction are omnipotent. They rearrange and restructure anything and everything without negative side effects. The net result of the money narrative on the other hand is mass destruction even when it seems to be producing results.

I imagine that the labour, commodities, money and capital markets were unaffected by Jesus’ mass production of bread and fish.

No one went bankrupt.

No fundraising campaigns.

No one had sleepless nights.

The price of wheat and fish were unaffected due to “scarcity”.

No farmer needed to borrow money to buy Monsanto seeds.

Farmers did not commit suicide because they went into debt they could not emerge from in their lifetime.

No entrepreneur enslaved workers.

No human or natural habitat was destroyed.

Yet thousands of people ate and had excess left over.

When will we stop believing the false narrative of the supremacy and indispensability of money. When will this stop being a mere religion and start being our reality?

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