The ordinary self

One of the most profound statements I read in a book called “Abba’s Child” is, “The ordinary self is the extraordinary self.” I have contemplated that statement over and over and I cannot get over it. The ordinary self is the extraordinary self. The impostor is not the extraordinary self. The self who has all the fame, all the wealth, all the education, all the “connections”, all the titles and all the awards, is not the extraordinary self. The “naked”, stripped down person, stripped of everything that is external is the extraordinary self. We are not what we have or what we do.

When I was in business school, it was not uncommon for us to refer to ourselves as MBAs, not knowing we were only limiting ourselves to a title. Who am I apart from my titles, my education, my fame, my networks, my awards, my wealth? That is the extraordinary self and that is the self that should be projected. That is the self that is in God’s image, powerful beyond measure, infinitely creative with God, loved by God beyond measure. It is the real self, any other self is a prop.

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