The privilege of smallness

Christ chose lowliness when He lived among us. Yes, there was no room in the Inn when He was born but He intentionally introduced Himself into our world in a manger and not the courts of Rome. Why?

When God enters a manger, it becomes heaven. When His Spirit broods on a formless and void earth, Paradise is created. If He enters a dead society, He transforms it. He is comfortable with smallness, weakness and lack because He is infinitely creative and we can be too. I would define creativity as the freedom and ability to bring into being whatever you desire, using whatever you have. We do not need what we do not have, to obtain what we desire.

Where God’s Spirit is, nothing is insignificant. The smaller you can function, the bigger you can function. If Christ took on the form of a servant when He walked among us, servanthood has to be a privilege, yet we often avoid it like a plague, preferring to be served than to serve. Your ability to serve a million people depends on your ability to serve one person well. Joseph was not trained in the Harvard of his days but in slavery and prison. He learnt to serve the world by serving a family. 

If you have one follower, one staff, one member, one client, one student, one child, serve them like they are bigger than the world because they are, potentially and you have the privilege of bringing out their potential. If you have only a widow’s mite, you have the wonderful privilege of using it to create something that will bless the world. What we need for creating is a spirit and a mind, not money. God was penniless when He made the heavens and the earth, and still is. He can do without money, thank you.

I used to think that the good news Jesus came to preach to the poor was that they could become rich if they wanted but I realize it is much more. I am realizing that the good news is that you do not need worldly wealth to create true wealth in the world. Instead, you need something whose “merchandise is better than silver and gold” and it is often easier to obtain when you are small.

11 thoughts on “The privilege of smallness

  1. I have found Tolu, that as children
    of God, we can sometimes become easily frustrated and discouraged when we do
    not seem to be making significant strides, to the renewing of our mind, despite
    the reading of the Word, praying and fasting.   It can seem as though it is
    taking an age, before any sense of significant change is felt, not realizing
    that change is coming in tiny miniscule steps, that we must learn to recognize these small steps, and to celebrate them, no matter how small, they seem to be.

    As children of God we need to come to the knowledge,  that the kingdom of God works in smallness. That If God sees us faithful in small things; He will trust us with larger things.  However, we
    must ensure that we do not ‘despise the day of small beginnings’, because after all, it is in the small things, such as the mustard seed, through which God advances His Kingdom.

    Glory to God!

    Thank you for this great post Tolu.

    • I love your comment Carole – “The kingdom of God works in smallness.” May that sink into us. Jesus liken the kingdom unto a grain of mustard seed – the smallest of seeds. May we sto despising the days of little beginnings. The scriptures themselves state, “God has chosen the weak things to confound the strong, the foolish things to confound the wise, the things that are not to bring to nought the things that are…” He chose them and there is nothing we can do about it, we just have to align. He appears among us in smallness. Smallness has to be a privilege. Servanthood has to be a blessing, because the way, the truth and the life practiced it.

  2. This gift of creativity in which you can preach the most powerful message in all of history by using only a few selected (albeit powerful) words and examples, will never die in Jesus Name. Like the parable of the talents, may your 10 become 20, and may your gifts continue to be doubled even as you invest in God’s kingdom. This is exactly what I was supposed to read today. It blessed and inspired the socks out of me. You see, even Jesus was trying to teach His disciples this principle when He took a basin and began to wash His disciples feet. It’s not about the washing of the feet, but about how such a simple act could anoint His disciples and send them off into ministry. A teacher in a poor hut somewhere in India might not understand that the children he’s teaching with sticks and stones may one day become world changers in a continent across from that hut. Praise God for this insight. I was truly blessed.

    • Jaycee! That prayer is from the depth of your spirit and from the depth of the Spirit. God bless you for that prayer. I take it in and receive into the depths of my spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen.

      Thank you more than I can say for allowing this to inspire and to bless you. You have blessed me more than you know, by being blessed. Thank you.

      I continue to yield my self, my mind, my spirit to the Spirit to pour through so that ultimately, I can speak like Christ and act like Christ.

      God Bless You! From deep inside.

  3. I love this, Tolu! I’m really tracking along with you here…thinking lots about Gideon and David (esp w/Goliath) this week. I keep asking God to help me decrease so He can increase. Thinking also of 2 Cor. 12:9-10…God’s power is made perfect in our weakness! Thank you for sharing your beautifully composed, Spirit-inspired thoughts with us. May you become ever smaller as Jesus takes up all the space!
    Blessings in Christ,

    • Thank you Natalie for your continual additions. I wonder why we want to be big when God seeks small people – like Moses, like Gideon, like David, like Christ, who said, “I can of my own self do nothing!”

      I receive your prayer – “May I, may we all become ever smaller as Jesus takes up all the space.!” That is beautiful. May Christ take up all the space. I love that. Thank you.

  4. Tolu- Your words once again speak life and spirit. Your humility in how you present your God inspired thoughts, speaks to the smallness you refer to– That through your humility (smallness), His omniscience is revealed. He uses your words and moves many in exceedingly great ways! Lie theother commentors, I too am blessed by these words you have recorded. 

    “He is comfortable with smallness, weakness and lack because He is infinitely creative and we can be too.” This encourges me Tolu. Often I feel small in this world as I look out to see where and how to be used by Him. But I know He can use us if we remain small enough to let Him in. 
    Blessings to you and your family!

    • He will “use us if we remain small enough to let Him in.” That is what we truly need. In reality, we only need to open up to God and let Him fill us up completely. That was Jesus’ secret and since He is the way, the truth and the life, that is what we ought to do also. But we often feel the need to do things on our own, even for God, like Martha when all that is needed is to sit at the Master’s feet soaking in His words.

      We are already small, we just need to live in the reality of it and gladly accept it. Jesus said, “Without me, ye can do nothing.”

      Thank you Ella for your rich contributions and encouragement. God bless you.

  5. Going off subject….the gate is “small”…..the way is “small” and only “few” find it. Salvation is so hard only God can do it.

    • Not at all off subject sir. I would call it thought provoking and very on subject. Through meditation and deep contemplation of God and the scriptures, we realize that every scripture is in every scripture. Every principle is connected because they have the same source. If they seem unconnected, we have not mined their depths enough.

      God delights in smallness because He wants to be the doer. When the gate is small, the way is small and only few find it, who then can be saved? That is precisely where God comes in. When we are too small to make it on our own, God steps in. When the gate is small and it becomes very difficult for the rich to enter into God’s kingdom, God steps in. He loves smallness and we should consider it a privilege.

  6. Wow, I am stunned and blown away…May God Himself continue to speak words that are Spirit and Life through you. Oga mi, thank U so much for letting God use you. 

    All of  a sudden the dots are connecting…I begin to see the inherent need for the breaking of the vessel, the need for that lack, that smallness, that weakness where there is that, maybe, unspoken dependency on God…to so abandon outcomes to God cos we have come to accept the truth that we do not have “it” in us to make things right

    In that admission, in that acceptance, in that submission, we come to offer ourselves, our smallness, our inadequacies…And then He feeds us with manna that neither us nor our fathers knew 
    In our smallness, we relinquish our way and will to receive His way, His will and His strength

    Thank you to all those who have commented as they have also blessed me with their insights. May God Himself continue to be your shield and your glory. May you all be oaks of Righteousness before God, majestic splendors for the display of His glory

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