The problem of being God’s child

Being a child of God does not imply a battle-free existence. In fact, it guarantees a life of multiple-fold attacks and challenges of all sorts. I was tempted to go belly up recently when I felt I was under series of attacks, until I realized that I signed up for battle when I chose to become God’s child.

I am God’s child and a joint heir with Christ. God, the Holy Spirit indwells me. Even if I do not see myself as God does, the enemy considers me a major threat to his set-up and he will come at me as though I am a threat, regardless of how I think or act. As God’s child, even if you see yourself as a grasshopper and behave as one, the enemy does not, and he will come at you as though you are a significant, because you are, even if unaware. His intention is to destroy or at least silence you, if you let him.

Just as he came after Jesus Christ, be rest assured the enemy will come after you, with full intentions of bringing you down or keeping you down by all means and at all costs, because of who and whose you are and because of the damage you can cause. Perhaps this explains the persistent problems, challenges, temptations many of us are facing.

It is not only the enemy that sees us as God’s children, if we are. God does, obviously. He sees us as redeemed people. He sees us as people with delegated authority on this planet and in our various domains. God will not do for you what He has given you the power and authority to do. That is why He did not stop the enemy from deceiving Eve. Adam had the God-given responsibility to protect his wife and future generations and God will not overstep his own boundaries.

If the enemy is coming at you with malevolence and intensity worthy of God’s Child, why deal with him or with your challenges as an ordinary human being? He does not see you as ordinary, and the principles of warfare demand that you deal with your enemies according to their potential and not just how they appear.

The enemy will invest his best against you, he will not have mercy and will not let up. You had better accept your lot as God’s child and everything it implies and think and act accordingly.

Being God’s child on this planet is an inconvenient identity to have. Like a good Father, God the Almighty will not handle what He has equipped me for. It took the ultimate sacrifice to equip me, you, us, and he declared, “It is finished.” The enemy will also not deal with me as though I have not been equipped. He will deal with me 24/7 as though I have the God-given ability to disrupt his operations on this planet. So, what shall we do? How shall we live?

The truth is, as God’s children, God sees us as more than conquerors. He has given us access to wisdom and power that is far greater than the enemy’s and He expects us to use it. Why not just step into God’s expectations of me, since it also dictates my enemy’s assessment of my potential, which determine the intensity of attacks? Why not use everything God has provided for me since the enemy only succeeds when I function beneath my capabilities in Christ? Is there any other way to keep the enemy on the run?

– Tolúwalopé

8 thoughts on “The problem of being God’s child

  1. No you are not alone. The trials and temptations should be expected as God's children. But we cannot expect victory if we do not deal with our challenges as though we are exactly what God says we are. Handling our challenges like we are unredeemed is the surest way to frustration and defeat. Thank you Tolu for your comment.

  2. Real talk bro! Real talk. I particularly found one line very insightful: 'Like a good Father, God the Almighty will not handle what He has equipped me for'. That is a simple but profound truth for me. Thank you for sharing. I pray that God continues to inspire you to greater heights in your writing. Very inspirational indeed.

  3. Thanks a lot Bro. I really appreciate that from a brother. Thank you for recognizing that simple and profound truth. Amen to your prayer and may God continue to inspire you to greater heights in your writing and all else that you do also.

  4. One of the worst things that can happen to us as children of God is to ourselves as grasshoppers while the enemy sees us as the biggest threat. 'The enemy will not deal with us as though we're ill-equipped.' Can you imagine this scenario of going to war against an enemy who quakes at our appearance only to get close to us and we're weaponless when all the while, he knows of the deadly armory we have which we are either oblivious of it's existence, untrained in it's use or ignorant of it's potency.Consistently submitting to God is sure to cause the enemy to flee. He knows that so he attacks our submission. He lures us into being rebellious against God and His word thereby causing us to be defenseless. And we don't fight the enemy eye ball to eye ball. That shows we're on the same level. We're not. We're seated with Christ in heavenly places FAR ABOVE the enemy. That's our position of advantage. That's where the enemy attacks the most; demeaning us and causing us to lose our identity.Great write-up, Tolulope. I got carried away musing over your musings. God bless.

  5. MOH, thank you for adding to this write up.It is indeed "an error under the sun" – children of omnipotence behaving like they are ill-equipped. It reminds me of where the scriptures say the Israelites limited God by turning back in the day of battle, fully armed. It is not a pretty scenario. It would be offensive to God.Hmmm. The enemy attacks our submission because He knows therein lies our invincibility and his defeat. "Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will run away from you," says the scriptures,Again, you tapped into the spirit of the post. Submission to God is prerequisite to putting the enemy on the run. When we are fully submitted, putting on God's whole amour, there does not even need to be an engagement. We do not fight eye to eye. Merely standing our ground causes the enemy to flee. No fighting. Just as He does not need to fight us to bring us down, we do not need to fight to put him to flight. I am loving this.Submit (accept and live like who you are in Christ, seated in heavenly places) and then resist. Then you will keep him on the run.God bless you too.Thanks for musing with me.

  6. Submitting to God is an art of war, because you win without fighting. You put the enemy on the run without engagement or active combat. That's why he attacks our submission (entrapment, self defeat).You see how my posts are intertwined!Thank you.

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