The pursuit of knowledge

There is a boundless universe of truth outside of our present spheres that we do not know, which is vital to our individual and collective wellbeing. My reality is determined by what I know. To expand or change my reality, I need to pursue knowledge, I need to know more than I presently know. Knowledge determines the boundary of our lives. We may think we know but Truth is so boundless that we will always only know in part. The challenges in our lives and our world are a matter of ignorance. This requires pausing and calmly meditating on it, to realize the truth in it. Bishop David Oyedepo my Pastor in Nigeria says, “There is no mountain anywhere. Every man’s mountain is his ignorance.” I have heard it countless times but I am slowly beginning to grasp it.

The inspired word says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” That suggests that the solution to our predicament is knowledge. We are not in trouble because there is trouble all around but because we are ignorant. We are not challenged because of the economy, we are challenged because we do not know. We are not suffering because we have cancer, we are suffering because we are yet to grasp the truth on healing and health. We are not poor or in debt because we lack money, but because we lack true knowledge of wellbeing. When knowledge comes, problems cease, literally.

Several centuries ago, Elisha the Prophet was surrounded by the Syrian army and his servant ran to him in distress, thinking that there was no escape. Elisha, though aware of the problem, was far from perturbed and he responded by saying to his servant that the forces that were for them were more than the forces against them. He prayed for his servant’s eyes to be opened (for him to know) and when his eyes were opened (when he knew), he saw (knew) that there were horses and chariots of fire, much more in quantity and quality than the Syrian army which he saw. Then, his problems ceased. All along, he had no problem except his ignorance.

The knowledge we need is not head knowledge which is mere information in the brain gotten through our physical senses. We need heart or spirit knowledge, which is much deeper, and many times contradicts what we see and hear and feel around us. You can know something in your head and not know it in your heart and this is why many people whose spirits have been recreated live far below who they really are instead of far above who they used to be. This kind of knowledge changes your reality for good and takes you far above the terrestrial, not just in outlook but in actual experience, like it did for Elisha’s servant.

When you are surrounded by problems, you are surrounded by problems. But the truth is you are surrounded by an infinite number of solutions. The easiest way to be overcome by the problems is to panic. If you want to reach the solutions, you need to “be still and know.” The problems are terrestrial, pressing in on you but the solutions are usually unseen, and more real, than your problems. The truth is, evil is an aberration in the universe. Goodness is the nature of the ruling principle in the universe, not evil. This is why if I or a member of my family develops a symptom of a disease, I expect it to end very quickly, because evil is transient. Overwhelming, all powerful goodness is the real deal in the universe. We perish because our knowledge is limited to the transient and that tends to propagate evil in our lives.

I have often wondered why I need to know the truth in order to activate and experience it in my world. Why doesn’t goodness invade my life without my knowledge and consent if it is truly the ruling principle in the universe and is infinitely more potent than evil? What began to occur to me is that humans are gods, created in God’s image and a primary characteristic of gods is the power and responsibility to choose their own reality. Nothing good happens in the domain of gods without their consent, especially when they dwell in a fallen system like this present world, where evil is the default tendency. In this world, you do not need to know or do anything to be overwhelmed with evil. Just do nothing, and you will have more than your fair share of calamities. But, to experience goodness, knowledge and action are needed. You need to know the truth and act on it, to pierce the darkness and let the Light in. Jesus Christ referred to the statement in the Psalms that says, due to lack of knowledge, God’s children, who are gods, perish and fall like mere men.

I have also wondered why even though a child of God has heard that Christ has redeemed them from disease or poverty, they still experience it. This is very rampant and is a characteristic of people who practice Christianity as a religion rather than living the new life of a new being. I am convinced that it is because we have information in our heads but not in our hearts. This is to my mind the difference between those giants of the faith and the others. The giants are supposed to be the norm because the truths in scriptures, which I believe are the fundamental truths of life, are not for quoting but for living. We live them when they reside in our hearts not in our heads. King Solomon said we should guard our hearts with all diligence because the reality of our lives emanate from our hearts.

All these make me realize that my education did not end when I graduated with an MBA from McGill. My education is from cradle to eternity, with growing intensity as I advance in years. William Philippots said, “The universe is full of magical things waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” I want to excitedly pursue knowledge of the truth, every day of my life because the truth is so outrageously sweet I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of one new thing to discover. I so feel the heart of the Psalmist when he said, “I rejoice at thy word as one who has found great spoil.” Today, I am learning what I did not know yesterday and the exciting thing about learning is that what I know is infinitesimally smaller than what I do not know. The advantage of the heart kind of knowing, is that evil around me continues to recede into the shadows until my world is all lit up with goodness.

Pursuit of knowledge with the aim of apprehending truth is of primary importance. What is the sense in pursuing knowledge and claiming there is no truth? What is the aim of pursuing knowledge if it does not lead you to the truth? You shall know the truth (not mere facts) and the truth shall make you free. Truth is a heart thing not a head thing and knowledge of the truth requires seeking with the heart through ceaseless meditation rather than merely filling our heads with facts, news, information or even memorizing scriptures. This is part of my meditation for the past few days and may be slightly disjointed but it is, from my heart to yours.

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