The situation called Nigeria

I read the news about the screening of the Ministers by the Nigerian senate and while it is sad, it is not surprising. It would honestly have been very surprising to me if these “senators” had behaved differently. It would have been surprising if justice had been upheld and not trampled under foot like is happening now. It would have been surprising if Dora Akunyili who seems to be one of the few voices of truth in government had been supported. It would have been surprising if there were no attempts to kick her out and replace her with someone else who was found to have occupied the senate seat fraudulently and had to be removed. This is true to form.

But what is my business anyway? Why should I be concerned? It’s my country, for goodness sake. I am Nigerian and I become complicit if I do nothing. I do not have to be a corrupt politician to be complicit. All I need to do to be part of the problem is nothing. Until I realise that I am partly responsible by my inaction, there is no reason to act. All I need to care about in the world is my 9 to 5 job, my self preservation (for what exactly, is not clear) and that of my immediate family.

The worst I can do is to criticize those who are trying to use their own platform to do something, even if it is just speaking out. Nigerians had better encourage anyone who does any form of speaking out, including the Dele Momodus and the Dora Akunyilis of Nigeria.

The problem is where all of us merely speak and not act, even at the risk of death. What are we living for anyway, if we are not ready to lay down our lives? We have a situation (Nigeria) on our hands that demands praying, thinking, speaking and acting all together at the risk of death. Until we are ready to say “if I die I die”, while doing everything we know to do, including praying, thinking, speaking out and acting in each one’s unique way, we are not ready for a new Nigeria.

If all that matters to us Nigerians is our individual prosperity and that of our families, the future of our country remains bleak. No matter how much we pray without the readiness to think, speak and act and lay down our lives in the process, the situation called Nigeria remains the same and we will hand it over to our children’s children worse than it was handed over to us.

The good news is that in the Bible, which a significant portion of us Nigerians seem to believe, those who had the “if I die I die” determination rarely did. They lived, but for a reason strong enough to die for.

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  1. I quite agree with you. Someone sent a mail today about our Nigeria and the situation is indeed pathetic. We surely need to fight for our country Nigeria to gain it's righful place and be free from so called Leaders who only know how to enrich their pockets than make life better for its citizens.

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