The spirit me

During my meditation time this morning, I remembered that I am neither my body nor my mind, nor anything else that I possess. I am a spirit, housed in a physical body and I have a mind. Although my house is visible, I am invisible.

There is a constant struggle between the physical part of me and the spirit part. I am surrounded by external forces that seek not only to silence me but actually deaden me and make me subservient to the ephemeral instead of the other way round. I am limitless, I am “powerful beyond measure” in a good sense, because I am spirit but I need to let me ascend over my body and my mind. I need to let me soar, before my potential as a spirit can be realized.

If I spend all my time paying attention to what I see and feel including my body and things that affect me physically, my potential as a spirit remains untapped. I need to focus more on what I do not see, starting with my spirit, and things that affect my spirit. My reality needs to extend beyond what I can physically sense. I feed my body daily and my mind quite often but I need to feed my spirit too, lest I become spiritually malnourished. And because I am spirit, spiritual malnourishment is deadly, regardless of how healthy I am physically and mentally.

It is possible to have a malnourished or even dead spirit and be physically alive. It just means one is disconnected from the spirit and from God the source of spirits and reality is limited to what can be seen, heard, touched, felt. If one intends to merely exist or live a life filled with emptiness, this is not a problem but not if one desires to be fully alive.

Spiritual malnourishment, talk much less of spiritual death, is not an option for me. I intend to not just exist but live and do everything I (spirit) was created to do before I cast off this body (a funeral I attended yesterday reminded me that this body is transient) and give account to the Spirit (God), who created me and sent me here as a spirit, for and with a purpose.

The first step I took towards developing my spirit was to stop being dead. According to the Bible, which is my GPS, we all inherited spiritual death and we each need to choose to live or remain dead. It’s a good thing we can still exist while spiritually dead on this planet because it means we can flip the switch back on. I was spiritually dead but I flipped on the switch by accepting Jesus Christ’s offer of life. By the way, I received Jesus Christ and believe in him, not in a mere religious sense but as my way of being.

Now that I am alive, I have eternal life but I need to keep myself alive and healthy, and that takes effort. I need to feed and develop me, I need to pay at least as much attention to spiritual (unseen) realities as I pay to visible realities, so I can be everything I was created to be, so I can be fully alive while living, here on this planet.

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