The stars are aligned

A woman touched Jesus’ garment and was instantly healed of a 12-year ailment that the world system failed to address. Jesus attributed the woman’s healing to her faith not His power, because God’s power is ever present everywhere on this planet to deliver anything that a human being calls for, the same way it would work for Jesus. The variable is faith.

This woman had come to a profound realization when she said, “If only I can touch the hem of his garment, I will be whole.” Of all the “variables” in the universe to predicate her healing on, she decided she was the key. “Hey, touch the hem of his garment? I can do that.” She did it and was instantly healed. She could have blamed the system, the politicians, the weather, her husband, her children, the preachers or physicians but she declared herself responsible and therefore took control. Realizing you are the key to your own breakthrough is both truthful and empowering.

Waiting for the stars to be aligned is a waste of time because they are already aligned. There is omnipresent power to bring to pass whatever any human being has the audacity to call for anywhere on this planet. Jesus proved it. He expected his disciples to function in that reality when he asked them to feed the multitudes where it was humanly impossible to do so.

Until you realize that nothing and no one outside of you needs to change for you to move from point A to B, you have not started. Love designed the universe such that everything including systems and principalities is wired to bring to pass whatever any of us calls for in faith. Faith is the key and is your responsibility. Faith cometh not by spending idle time on TV or social media but by using every opportunity to soak your mind in the Truth.

5 thoughts on “The stars are aligned

  1. The story of this woman always makes me think and wonder. Like you said, of all things to tie her healing to, it had to be touching the hem of his garment. I covet that level of faith!!
    It’s a reminder that all things are ready, what’s left is whether or not we are ready.

    • And when our will is lined up with God’s, we will always get what we ask for and what we do not ask for – this woman did not even ask, she simply took. God is not in the business of withholding. He who did not spare His own Son but delivered him up for us all, what will he withhold?

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