The tiger’s tigritude

Wole Soyinka said, “A tiger does not proclaim its tigritude, it pounces.” To say that is profound is like saying frozen water is cold. I think he is synonymous with profundity. 

But what if the tiger’s tigritude is in proclamations? What if the tiger and the duiker were brought into being by proclamation?

Words created our universe, words maintain our universe and words rearrange what needs to be rearranged including the earth’s topography. 

Words may seem ordinary but in reality, they shape our thoughts. Words cause revolutions, they cause wars and they bring peace on earth. True leaders are wordsmiths, as I think Wole Soyinka is, Winston Churchill was and every leader of significance throughout history.

We may think in pictures but words create the pictures we think with. Before a picture ever emerges, there is word.

I think one of the deepest statements ever is, “In the beginning was the word.”

What if the tiger’s tigritude is the word?

8 thoughts on “The tiger’s tigritude

  1.  There is no word or truth of greater importance than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Scriptures are full of many messages. The least among them is more valuable than the combined wealth of the world and more important than the greatest thoughts ever formed in the mind of man. If then, the very dust of Scripture is more precious than gold, how can we calculate the worth or importance of the Gospel?


    • And how can we calculate the worth or importance of the Gospel, when even the whole world and all the wealth it contains cannot begin to compare with one soul?

      Haba! “If the very dust of scripture is more precious than gold, how can we calculate the worth or importance of the Gospel?”

      What is the value of even a dot from the word of One whose word unfolded the universe, whose word raised Christ from the dead, whose word recreates us and whose word will fold this whole earth up like a garment?

      Your comment speaks to my next post.

    • Thank you Doyin. Glad to have you here after a long time.

      We were brought into being with the word. We are made up of words, the word. Our pouncing is really with words. Jesus’ tigritude was in words. He proclaimed his tigritude because the proclamation had all power in heaven and on earth, in it. The proclamation itself heals, saves, delivers, restores.

  2. Tolu- So wonderful to find you back on the blogosphere! I have missed your spiritually provocative entries. They provoke one to think, and think deeply indeed!

    So if a tiger doesn’t have to declare its tigritude, we as children of God should not declare “I am Christian….” but rather behave as such, first and foremost. The pounce is a verb. The ways which we exercise God’s love, is a verb needing the vehicle (us) to move through. So that God can move through us to transform and heal others….through our word (loving, accepting, affirming). 

    Blessings to you and your family!

    • Ella. Gracias.

      A tiger’s tigritude is in pouncing. The Christian’s tigritude is in words, so proclamations are inevitable. Jesus began His ministry by more or less declaring, I am the One. But His declaration, His proclamation carried infinite potency. The declaration was the pouncing. He did nothing on earth without speaking. Jesus is the word so how would the word pounce? And if Jesus is the word, His followers ought to be ready “to transform and heal others…through our word”

      God bless you and your precious daughter.

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